How will RMR/RNR/RAFAuX be affected?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Harvey-Manfranginsen, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. With the drastic measures that have been taken with regards to TA training, how do you think the other branches of the reserve forces will fare? As yet I haven't seen anything to suggest that their training will be cancelled or taken without pay.
  2. Have colleague in the RNR they got a message from Deputy Commander Marine Reserve stating what was happening to us and not worry they have a different funding budget. However the effects on us may impact them where we shared resources (we will not be there to share the burden as it were). They have seen some cost saving measures same as us earlier in the year but for them its soldier on (excuse the pun)

    Almost makes a career in the RNR look attactive! (no actually would rather stick a bayonet in my eye - anyone for the RMR instead?)

  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    As I have posted in a few other threads - the answer to this is - not at all, unless of course they intend to use TA facilities, etc.

    This in-year funding crisis is an Army problem, and nothing to do with the RN, the RM, the RAF, or, indeed, the MOD.
  4. They'll all become incredibly camp and use witticisms such as "Pretentious? Moi?"
  5. We shall retire to the bar, starch our silk scarves and guffaw. :D

    In reality, the RAuxAF is facing a major cut of MTDs down to about 30 for the financial year 09-10.Seeing how many have already done more than this,at my unit at least, it means many will find it difficult to come in again until April.

    This includes those preparing to join the regulars for PDT, as we only provide IRs.
  6. I recently applied to join the RAuxAF and got a letter from them yesterday telling me that unfortunately they were instructed in August to stop recruiting until April 2010.
  7. The RauxAF regiment sqn's have stopped recruiting until April. Most of the other RauxAF sqns are still recruiting though.

    Our sqn been limited to 39 MTD's a year for the last few years though, with SO1 approval required to go above that limit.
  8. I know of at least one Sqn still recruiting Reg't, although only actively encouraging 18-35 age group to apply. Too many fat old farts on the books? I couldn't possibly comment.....

    We're officially capped at 30 MTDs per head, although with appropriate juggling and redistribution at this time of the year it's not had that much of an impact.
    Judicious sacking of the wasters who never turn up, the war-dodgers, biff-chit merchants and salad-dodgers also works wonders.

    If only the TA would learn from us!
  9. RNR is cutting MTDs, but isn't cutting training in its entirety. Its still recruiting, and offers an interesting alternative to the TA, albeit one that is very different in ethos and style to the TA.
  10. As pointed out, this is specifically an Army problem. However:

    Aren't the RMR about 1,000 strong?

    The BBC said the TA are approx 35,000 strong, and stopping training for 6 months would save £20m. That is approx £600 per person.

    If stopping RMR training for 6 months gave the same savings per person, it would save £600k, really small beer for the defence budget.

    Back of the envelope stuff I know, but I doubt much could be saved from stopping RMR training.

    As for the RN & RAF generally, don't they tend to spend a higher % of their budget on kit, and less on wages, than the Army? If so, and also given that their reserves are smaller in numbers than the TA, then I doubt the RAF or the RN could make the same kind of savings from cuts to reserves as the Army can. (Of course, this doesn't mean that their reserves are immune to cut backs, just that they probably can't offer up the savings that the TA can.)