How well will I get on????????


I will be starting my Basic Training at ATR Lichfield soon (R.Sigs) and I have some previous mil experience, RAF Regiment - infantry, where I done 9 weeks Basic at RAF Honington, got injured badly just before starting trade training and decided to leave and go for a trade in the army, which would help me in the future when I leave the army.

Just wondering, will the training staff at ATR Lichfield, know my history i.e. being in the RAF Reg, and if they do, will they expect more from me or not? Being honest, I just want to start and get my head down and get on with it and not to worry about the training staff expecting me to be shit hot in everything...if you know where I am coming from!

Finally, I am 24 y.o., so quite old. I have an HND, GNVQ, BTEC qualifications in I.T / computers, etc...would this be helpful for promotions or such in the future, providing I do a good job and knuckle down? ...Not trying to get too far ahead of myself, just aiming for something in the future after hopefully passing phase 1 and phase 2.

-Please no more rock-ape jokes, heard them all! :wink:
Ahh the RAF the MOD's bastard step child. I thought nothing that came from the RAF was shit hot? Just keep your head down you are older so it will be expected that you can maintain a leadership role for your fellow troop mates.

Cheers 2CB
Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut, use your slight experience to your advantage and don't gob off about it. I imagine the training staff would give you a bit of earache if they found out you were a trainee / failed rockape, but a bit of p1ss takign never killed anyone.
Hopefully, I will be going on to be a radio op. As for the qualifications I may have, ohwell, good to see I wasted 5 years in further and higher education! Please don't tell me the army has such people as "head boy" etc in basic training, like the I was for 2 weeks in the RAF Reg...really pissed me off, especailly with dealing with the younger recruits.

Thanks for help, much appreciated, good to see someone see's me as a failed rock ape...a real confidence boost!

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