Discussion in 'REME' started by REMEWOTAJOKE, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me or do other Regiments/Corps look after their blokes better?.All the VM's could point the finger at Records/MCM and a certain RO but the CORPS always seems to be slow on the uptake with issues such as NVQs etc.Don't get me wrong,I'm proud to be in the CORPS but the way it treats the workforce is sometimes shocking.Any thoughts?
  2. There are much worse corps mate.
  3. Remember we are still a big f**king group of bods. Any new implementations will take time to organise and filter through. The REME doesn't do too badly...your wrath may be better directed at the MOD. Or MHS. They ARE worth a kicking. Alternatively, if your Regt isn't looking after you then have a word in the ASM's shell-like and get him to have words.

    Waiter, more port and a cigar please!
  4. Pretty well, as it happens, IMHO. There are issues, and some of those are self-inflicted for various reasons, but compared to the other Corps, REME does well.

    If you have a gripe, have you taken it up the CoC?

  5. I do not understand where you get off on statements like this. As a Corps we have led the Army by offering the majority of our tradesmen qualifications through their courses at Bordon and Arborfield. Not to mention the fact that the Professional Development Record was introduced by the REME a full 10 years before the Army introduced their useless Personal Development Record.
  6. REMEWOTAJOKE, the RO that vms always bitched about (and I was one of them until after speaking with him he arranged a last 6 months in York for one of my artisan staffys) has long gone and has been replaced by an excellent & well travelled RO. If memory serves, he turns up for MCM Div Roadshows on his motorbike!
  7. The proof is in the pudding as we say!!

    On many occasions I have had comments from other Arms and other Services about how REME treats it's soldiers and I can honestly say ALL of them where complimentary. Yes we will always have bad eggs who are only interested in themselves but i do believe that we treat ourselves much better than other Corps do. I recently chatted to an RLC SNCO who was appalled at the treatment many of their Corps had endured, this was put down to the size of the Corps!! REME takes up nearly 10% of the Army (help me out if my figure is wrong) and that takes some administering.

    As For qualifications i,m with Renovatio, REME has not just lead the way within the Armed Services but we are looked at and respected highly by some major corporations as to the way we give qualifications and the way we do our business.

    Lastly and i hope not to put people's backs up but this is the Army, a pref posting is just that "pref". Not guaranteed, we are not Disney we don't do magical wishes!!!

    Oh yeah and the RO was a stroker, i am hearing nothing but good news from Glasgae at the moment with regards to the new staff, whome i think are great very good looking and intelligent......can i go to Cyprus please???
  8. Yes, Baldricksdad, you can have two hours on the pan whilst waiting to be refuelled en route to Basra!

    Who says the Corps doesn't look after its blokes?

    Lots of love,

    REME MCM Div :lol:

  9. Just think, you could be in the RLC, and getting career managed by "Post it pad". I've been in their office, with the open window, and the breeze blowing people's names off the planner, onto the floor....."now where did I put that wo1".......

    REME do their hardest to make sure everyone is taken care of - but it's not perfect by any means. The next time someone tells you "It's MCM Div's fault", just ask yourself if you did actually see that posting pref go off, or is it still in someone's intray in your unit?

    As for quals, every single cfn coming through Ph2 is automatically loaded onto an apprenticeship, recognised by national qualification awarding bodies. This follows them the whole way through their career. Once your career is finished, ring up the RAJA WO - he's got a list of employers who are gagging to interview ex REME tradesmen for jobs - why, cos we turn out the best tradesmen in the UK.

    Think you're hard done by, join the infantry! They can't recruit for toffee for starters!
  10. Spot on Spanner - we see too much slating of our CORPs on this public forum. I agree it might not be perfect, but it aint bloody bad. We all have our gripes about each other, VMs this Techs that, but why on earth do we air it in public. If you spend 22yrs or less in civvy street what do you get when you leave their employment?? I know there are quite a few ex-regs that read this forum, please share you're thoughts on how you were badly treated by REME compared to civvy street. I do not believe you will get a better set of blokes that take the pi-s out of each other over the smallest issue after knowing each other for 10mins and then stand toe to toe in the NATO bar at Sennelager against anyone. It aint perfect but its a damn sight better than the rest.. Arte et Marte
  11. I v seen other units treated badly but dont forget the MANURE theory works well for our beloved corps
    "Spread thinly all around and we do wonders !! , put in one place all together and your in a pile of s**t !!!"
  12. On the whole the Corps doesn't do so badly. We offer a great deal to potential recruits including a structured career and some meaningful civilian qualifications. MCM does try to do its best for the Corps but not everyone can get their choice of posting etc.

    I often feel quite sad to hear those who continually complain that the Corps doesn't do anything for them. As with all things there must be some degree of personal contribution and effort is required on the soldiers part.

    I have met many tradesmen who have gone the extra mile to earn cvilian qualifications via distance learning, evening classes or day release and the Corps and the Army offer many incentives to assist and encourage this. Many do this despite being extremely busy and going away regularly. The workload is significant but the rewards are worth it.

    Compare this to those whose only ambition appears to be to get drunk every night, spend half the day hungover then complain how hard done by they are.

    Well I've said my piece, rant over! I wait for the inevitable storm.

  13. It's just you.