How was YOUR Day ?


Up at 7, bins out cup of tea.
Appointment at Docs this morning.
After that I’ll be having breakfast, watching some woodturning videos, I’ve nearly finished my first piece on my new lathe yesterday, just needs sanding and some finishing applied to it. It’s a tea light holder.
I only started playing with it last week,(the fecking lathe) practising cuts, setting it up, so much to remember but I’m actually enjoying it. Gives a retired chap something to learn and do and show for the day.
Enjoyed the post....I find a hobby after retirement is a good thing. Could not continue Ham Radio as the resrtrictive covenents on the apartment will not let me have an outside erection (aerial) I thought a bit, and as I like model making etc.I srarted to do kits for people and paint and weather them to look more realistic.Keeps me happy, Sometimes you need a VERY steady hand with the painting/weathering , but a blessed change from sinking into obscurity, waiting for the Reaper to show up.merry xmas etc. Howard (midlands)


Woke up. Smacked a few people in Johannesburg. Caught a plane home. Went to Lidl. Shortly I'll pop a xanax, go to the gym then fly to Zurich for a spot of rehab. Then I'll go for a walk. Then I'll fly back from Zurich, go to the gym again, then go shopping, maybe in London. Then I'll have me dinner and this evening I'll build an empire.

Same as every day.

Some of the above is real life.
brilliant ! impressed with your lifestyle...................h6


Finished the paperwork yet?

I woke up at 04:00 for no good reason, not even a slash, went back to kip at 06:30 and had lewd dreams.
Ate toast, reduced baked-goods from the Co-op in lieu of properdinner, talked bollocks to a mate, more kip and am fecking awake again.
I also found out that a great-great-grandfather was Welsh. It's been an interesting day.
when you sit back and look at your day, its really quite interesting..........up and at em..cheers.howard.