How was it for you? AvN 2007

Well done reds.

Excellent day i thought, best organised for a long time.

Corps tent was very well done this year, facilities all-round were much better.

And thanks to the 2 'ladies' sat in front of me for the constant spit & tongue swapping during the wasn't too difficult to establish who was the 'daddy!!'

So what was the highlight for you???
jack-daniels said:
There was a gang of Navy lesbians in the Codies bar, they were fecking scary!
I passed a couple outside the Railway Stn, one was blonde and quite cute, she was holding the hand of a real hippocrocadogapig.
Great Day and I'll agree with GB, best organised in a long time.
WTF is going on with all the bean flickers though? Carpet munchers seemed to have monopoly this year! I can't remember when I've seen so many chicks holding hands or swopping spit.............. well at least not since my last trip to PRB :)
Totally agree, had fantastic day in REME tent with festivities moving on into covent garden till the late hours then up early for The Church which was mental then back into covent garden for another late night. Thank F*&K its its only once a year, roll on next year and a big cheers to the organisers.

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