How Was Gillian Duffy Kept Quiet?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Gordon's minder's tranqued her with the stuff they normally use on Gordon when he goes &#0

  2. "Gillian - may I call you Gillian? You have grand-children, don't you? It would be a shame

  3. "I'm so sorry to hear your having problems with your pension, Gillian. Perhaps we can help

  4. "I'm afraid if you insist on talking to the press again today Lord Mandelson will have to

  1. When Gordon Clown came out of Gillian Duffy's house yesterday to give his grinning 'penitent sinner' speech it was announced that Gillian Duffy wouldn't be making any more comments that day.

    So what did Zanu Labour say to her during the meeting to keep her schtumm?
  2. Apparently she has sold her story to a newspaper, so standby for it to hit the shops any day soon.
  3. Video footage of dr David Kelly's "Suicide" was played to her then they made her an offer she couldn't refuse.
  4. But I can't believe she could have made a deal that quickly - before Gordon Clown came to see her, so presumably the Fourth Estate wouldn't have had time to use a cheque-gag.
  5. With a ball gag, and the mind-searing image of her grandhild being dismembered.
  6. Thats a good sign if its true... a positive story would be out there now, trying to spin the damage away.

    Methinks the story will be released tomorrow after the debate when it will do the most damage.

    The more I hear his recording, the more I cant believe the arrogance of the one eyed buffoon!
  7. Is that right?
    Not that I would blame her if she did but it would be a broad stretch wouldn't it? Labour supporter to sticking the knife in Labour for good in 24 hours?
  8. Former Labour supporter hopefully!! :D

    She's worried about the future of her grandchildren.. a generous offer to secure that future will ease any party loyalty methinks, especially to a party that has no loyalty to its own supporters.

    Thats if they dont accidentally brutally cut of their heads while combing their hair.
  9. A Sun exclusive for 50 thousand pounds?

    What's she going to say?

    "Oh, yes.. he was a right prat an all..what a w@nker... Is this cheque signed? can I go now?"
  10. He slipped her a crippler up her back alley and said there's more where that came from if you keep schtum!
  11. The real story here is that a not just any politician, but the current Prime Minister has actually been caught on tape speaking the truth (as he see's it), and not some lie or flannel thought up by a think tank.

    This recording should be preserved in a museum.
  12. Gillian who? I think you'll find that no such person has ever existed, at least thats what the "authorities" have stated. I believe she is the latest resident of "The Village".
  13. Arrogance, that's the word. Fukking arrogant bastad. Time his P45 was shoved into his grubby little mitt.