How "walts" are dealt with here in the States...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Khyros, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. That's the spirit!
  2. Do we think CW-2 (or whatever he is calling himself these days) has seen this, yet?
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    THAT'S the way to do it. What a cnut.
  4. "other-than-honourable discharge?"
  5. Way to go!!
  6. Of course, last year Edinburgh was treated to "Captain Sir" Alan McIlwraith "KBE, DSO, MC"

    Newspaper report here.

    Unfortunately, not having committed financial fraud and not being subject to the Army Act, he was merely sentenced to be sniggered at for the rest of his natural days.
  7. We have three types of discharges from military service...

    Honorable, meaning you completed your contract.

    General, which covers such things as failure to adapt to military life, hardship (single parent or needing to car fo an ill spouse) or medical... a general discharge under honorable conditions (ie. hardship, inheritance, or medical) turns into an honerable one after a short period of time. A general discharge under less than honerable conditions (failure to adapt, conduct unbecoming, bar to re-enlistment) can be turned honorable by appealing it but to do so requires extraordinary circumstances and rarely is awarded.

    Dishonorable... no explanation needed... your screwed.

    (edited to correct spelling... it's a Monday :p )
  8. He was claiming that he was an 18D too? What a tool.

    Guess they'll give him the purple sphincter award in prison.

  9. Oooh, I got to use that line. "I'm in the SAS. That's why it won't be on record."
  10. Heh.... you'll get a snicker out of this Ghost... ran into a couple kids home on leave a couple years ago who were bragging about being special forces. I asked what their MOS was... 18X was the reply... needless to say, this old NCO still has it. Had the two of them at parade rest as I explained how bad of an idea it was to make claims alluding to something when they are still in the process of achieving it. Boy did their faces turn red and the "oh sh*t expressions were priceless when I mentioned that the then NCOIC of the SFAS course happened to had been my room mate at 2/75th...

    One kid made it and is now a deployed 18B... the other did a medical drop from the curriculum and reclassed as signal geek and is also deployed. So they turned out okay despite a shaky start.
  11. K,

    Must have been your inspiring speech, given before a 10x12m backdrop of the flag with two pearl-handled pistols on each hip.

    Or a punch in the guts for walting it :wink:
  12. I particularly liked this vignette...

    There you have it...if some bloke comes up poncing on about how he is an officer in UKSF or the PARAs, ask to see his box of Quality Street. If he has one to hand you will know the quality of the chap...
  13. Any idea's on the colour of the quality street lid? :D
  14. LOL! Naw... no violence required (Patton had ivory handled pistols BTW :p ), it was dropping the name of the their sergeant major that scared the p1ss out of them. Both the kids were E-3s at the time so a CSM was God of the Old Testiment vengefull sort in their eyes... :D They were good troopies to have made it as far as they did in the 18-x program, just embellishing their service a bit so taking them down a notch with a lecture was sufficient punishment. Heh... you want to know the truth, I think my soldiers feared getting lectured by me more than they did getting smoked (what you call beasting...) :roll: