how very annoying

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Proper_Gander, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. had great mail today. first i got a letter from the plod/court because i cycled home in an inebriated state 4 months ago, the bill which is an accumulation of charges and fines lies by 400£, cheers for that.

    the second letter i open is a medical deferral, just gets better and better.
    not a big deal really, just a nuisance. it's because my father has Alport's syndrome. i'm not affected because it's X-chromosome linked, so basically i could only inherit it from my mother (who doesn't have the condition).

    so i'll have to do the medical AGAIN and include evidence that i do not have Alport syndrome.

    it's a joke because i have to prove something they should know
  2. Either find an interesting way of filling up your deferral or go to your doctor/consultant/registrar etc and get a letter stating that Alport's cannot be inherited from male ancestors then appeal.

    As for the fine, whose fault's that then?
  3. called my AFCO, they'll send me the medical forms to fill in AGAIN, and will include test results stating that i am not affected. that's what they told me to do so that's what i'll do.

    hey, at least i'll have more time to get fit etc

    the lack of public transport and overpriced cabs? :p

    mine of course.
    what's annoying is that they told me i won't get a fine in december, but was banned from cycling from 12.11.08 - 11.12.08 (the letter was sent 19.12.08 :roll: so 1 week after my ban)

    then they sent me a letter in january saying that i'll be charged for admin

    then i recieved said 100£ bill

    now suddenly another 300£ for MORE admin and a fine (changed their mind?)

    just pisses me off that they can't make up their mind.
    and i wish i hadn't recycled the letter saying that i won't be fined!
  4. I am actively going to try and get myself banned from cycling. What a brilliant offense.
  5. Not sure they can increase it like that, seek Citizens Advice Bureau
  6. sorry but i acutally laughed out loud that you were banned from CYCLING! haha
  7. why is it only you and I that finds that fucking hystrerical?
  8. i found it hilarious myself tbh!

    i was banned on the spot, as soon as i turned the corner i jumped back on the bike and cycled home, freehand. drunken bastward that i was :roll:
  9. haha id love to see them 'pull' you over whilst having a jolly cycle, haha best offence ever as bogtejebo said!
  10. banned from cycling....wah?
  11. Lampard, that's why you're an O2 thief

    i only just sat on the bike, they approached me because i was in a pedestrian area, they said i was a danger to the (non existent) pedestrians at 2am. they weren't, with their car though.

    oh they did me for having no reflectors too!

    couldn't help but shake my head when they were examining the bike like it was a tuned car, with their torches!
  12. Yes I had no idea it existed either.

    Was my transport of choice at 15 after a bellyfull of snakebite.
  13. Can they ban you from cycling?!? Can't exactly check your plates or anything can they....
  14. Nah, you misunderstand.
    I wasn't calling a wah.
    I was making a shocked sound..
    My bad, having read it back it's obvious how people would read that.
    Sorry guys.
  15. ah, so what you meant was wha'? :wink:

    well they can ban you, but chances that they'll find out you're cycling anyway are very slim indeed. i didn't know i was banned until a week after my ban was lifted myself :roll: