How varied is Infantry life?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Morty, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Without trying to sound like a clever cnut who loves himself, i've done ok accademically (without learning to spell), got a good BARB score and am now at decision time.

    The lads at the Career office have been great, but have serious doubts over my decision to join an Infantry Reg. They reckon it won't challenge my mind enough etc (there words, not mine). I don't particularly have a thirst for knowledge and that, and what attracts me to the Inf is the variety of work and jobs (peace keeping, disaster relief, comba etc), as well as the physical challenge and lifestyle.

    Am I being naive? I'm not attracted at all to doing a trade or a specific combat role because my uninformed view is that, whatever that trade or role, i'll be doing the same job for the rest of my career, albeit in different settings and locations. Any advice on this rather vague post welcome, as is the usual urine removal. I love it, I do.
  2. Become a tankie, mate!
  3. Variety in an infantryman's life? Of course there is, sometimes you are wet, cold, tired, miserable and digging in. Other day's you are hot, dry,tired, miserable and digging in...and to add enrichment some days it's with a pick, others a spade.
  4. Morty, thats exactly how i am. My family want me to get a trade, but thats just not for me. I believe the same things as you such as the variety of work, and i'm hoping it will be exciting :wink:. I've got my BARB test on 11th september, gone through the practice test thing and seems pretty simple.
  5. yep and some times you do section attacks, sometimes platoon ones, sometimes company ones and then if you are really lucky the "lifestyle" involves an attack by the whole battallion.
  6. What a load of sh1t!! I cant be bothered to go into the length to explain all the pros of getting a trade and how it's a lot more varied than joining the infantry!!
  7. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Joined the Inf 8 years ago, and have been stunned by the variety of work:

    - Finished training, posted straight to Bosnia; Armoured PSO, then reaction to Serb 'crisis'.
    - Re-rolled, 2 years in Ireland, patrolling, riotting, training, and a couple of jollies abroad.
    - Took leave, then off to Botswana for 3 months to train a UK Coy and Botswanan Bn.
    - Spearhead next, almost deployed, then the fireman's strike.
    - 8 monther in S Armagh, plus a month in S Africa.
    - 6 months in Afghanistan, COIN and PSO.
    - Now at a Trg Establishment.

    Within all that, there has been huge variety of role, operational type, and jobs within the Bn.

    If you've got a good head on you, you'll have all the variety you want.

  8. Good on ya DH, stick to your guns if thats what you want to do. Absolutly nothing wrong with doing a trade in the Army, they're all vital otherwise they wouldn't exist, but the thought of doing one job in one role puts me off. Your parents will be behind you no matter what you do, thats what they're there for.
    You'll be ok with the BARB too, so long as your not a total mlaaarr.

    Just had some devastating news though, my application has been deferred until May next year, by which time I will be 26, a fooking grandad in Infantry terms. It's on medical grounds, I think it's because I went to my GP about a bit of runners knee three months ago, I had a sneaky look at my med docs and there was nothing else on there that would make me otherwise unfit for service, same for my opticians report.
    Anyways, i'm going to the NAAFI to bitch and get the urine ripped out of me. :(
  9. Also cheers for the positive answer DPM!
  10. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    You're definitely Infantry - can't spell, and winging about your knees already

  11. Hahaha, good to know mate, thats put a smile on me boat race!
  12. Morty- What would you know!!lol

    Sorry mate saw your other post had to rip it into you!!
  13. Taken, if ya can't laugh at it then ya well n truly fecked! :D
  14. Getting a trade would have been the 'sensible' thing for me, been told I should, and that I could do better than my choice. But I just don't see it as being me. I want to be in combat, as it's something you'll never do anywhere else. You can be an engineer anywhere with hundreds of companies around the world, but only one place you get to drive big fück off tanks!
  15. I enjoyed my time in the Infantry but be aware my friend the above quotes will happen,and given the climate the World is in these day's,it will be on a regular basis....