how undermanned is your unit

Is your unit badly undermanned

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i was just wondering just how bad the situation is out there?

My unit has (In My Lowly Opinion) taken on far to many commitments, it is so under manned and overtasked that health and safety is compromised on a daily basis and ignored when Seniors are told because there is not enough poeple to cover!!, aswell as other areas that i wont go into on here, people are so sick of it, i do belive that there is a 42 percent NTT rate,( that could be a rumour but a lot of people i know have signed off)
what is it like at other units???


No probs with manning just disband some troops move peeps to remainder no manning problem


We are actually fully manned, just our commitments are too much for the amount of manning. We spend more time abroad than back at home now.
Pretty much same as everyone else were were undermanned however due to a well thought out and brilliantly implimented re structing of out Sqn we now have nowhere near as much of a manpower shortage as before.

Not sure how this works but as my bosses keep saying its all way above my payscale.
its pretty dire here too, pretty much skeletal at times

glad you brought this up loopback, its a hotly contested moan on my msn on nightshift... whos posting is undermanned the most, starring units from across the world. ahhh the wonders of modern technology

aparantly we are at 96% strength according to an official source.
jimmys_best_mate said:
You're not based at an old airfield in the Midlands are you?

Nahh im at an old airfield in the middle of nowhere.

They have a four day week if that helps you.


I am also at an old airfield in the middle of nowhere, but we do 4 and a half day weeks. We also have one of the highest signing off rates in the Signals. We have one troop where only the Staffy and OC haven't signed off, and thats bad.
Loopback im sure im serving at your me to check it is you!
bowmanator said:
I am also at an old airfield in the middle of nowhere, but we do 4 and a half day weeks.

Doesn't everyone?


Had loads of people in my old Regt, only a few of them were trained so they got shafted.
I don't think its always an undermanning issue, more an over-tasked issue.

Am a civi and it's no different here, companies take on too much work and strech their resources, however we get overtime in our pay packet, you just get shafted!
I belive it is over tasking and a bit of undermanning that is the problem,
The regT seems to have taken on more than it can handle,
much to the pleasure of the lads who have to WOrk alot harder and get no real thanks for there hard effortS.
But hey I'm just pondlife on the floor seeinG the guyS reactions as where seniors sit in there little offices running the war and not giving a F*** about the boys (and girls)

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