How two men on a CIA plane caused havoc at a Afghan outpost

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. Its worth a read and a bit of a giggle (because nobody died)

    'The two middle-aged chaps flew in on a CIA helicopter to assess the situation and generally live out a few fantasies. They were military attaches and were determined to see some action. They had brought with them hunting rifles and one had a hideous outfit that he claimed was Vietnam-era Special Forces combats.'

    "It was like they were on a hunting trip," one British soldier said to me. "They have no idea what they are doing."
  2. ha ha ha, never laughed so much in my life.

    What a couple of muppets.

    Good job they didn't hit trouble.

    Kept trying to get on the machine gun :D
  3. Would have sent them out on a 'special' mission (Just the two of them as they are so well trained) ....... problem solved when next week a video of them appears on the internet proving that you can remove a mans head from his body with a knife :)

  4. Being Military Attaches, they would not have been "CIA" so to speak but would have been with the Defence Intelligence Agency. The DIA run all US Military Attaches in their Embassies around the Globe.
  5. My my wonder who's going to have a Hard time in The Pub ta night ?
    I'll make ar' colonial cousins squeal.
    "Vietnam-era Special Forces combats"
    Luv it.
  6. Chaps don't mock, they were probably on deep cover secondment from 49 para. Without heros like these we would be in serious trouble
  7. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Really not very clever revealing the location and Friendly Force strength on the Internet.

    What are the Times thinking? The reporter even slates the two muppets from Kabul for doing almost exactly the same thing!

  8. 3 blokes in a fire position without helmet or body armour :?
  9. DPM The journo in question is VERY pro forces (as are an increasing number of young journo sprogs unlike their 60's generation elders (now retiring Huzzah!)) , he writes in the past tense and would have got the copy cleared by members of the unit.
  10. Excellent. I've got mental images of two fat, middle aged, jarheads attempting to look ally. I'm surprised they didn't get the helicopter to go on an airborne hunt so they take some Taleban scalps (whilst shouting "get some" of course)!!!!
  11. They probably would have done but the "Ride of the Valkeries" CD had gone missing.

  12. These two characters seem more like Special Needs. :eek:

    It would make a fantastic comedy film, :eek:

  13. 1. top bloke...we want more journos like him

    2. to the lads out at 'the dam' (if they get a chance to read this): great effort guys + keep going!
  14. Reminds me a bit of the boxheads who used to drive their big BMWs or Mercs down to Croatia in the early 1990s for a 'hunting weekend'. They would happily spend the day up on the frontline taking potshots at anything moving on the serb side, and the evening getting pi$$ed in a local kafic. Apparantly a weekend with a local guide used to cost 500 DM!!!
  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    If true, that sounds like the idea of ubermensch etc is still live and kicking. Hope some of them didnt make it back!

    p.s. Dont mean to sound like accusing you of lying merkator, its just that the whole thing sounds quite repugant...