How traditions start

I was wondering if anyone had examples of how traditions in the Forces began?  I have an example of one that nearly happened.

At the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth one of the civilian tutors was a keen diver.  On one dive he recovered a cannon ball from the mouth of the River Dart that dated from around the Spanish Armada.  The first thing that needed to be done before it could be displayed was to leach out the salt.  To do this he asked the college quay staff to put it in a bucket of fresh water and to change the water daily.  He would recover it in a couple of weeks.

Shortly after that the tutor was involved in a diving accident that put him out of circulation for a while and ended his hobby.  The canon ball was forgotten.

A couple of years later he remembered the canon ball and returned to the quay in the off chance he could recover it.  It was still there and the water was still being changed daily.  Not only that, but the job was officially included in the daily tasks list for the duty leading hand!  


I remember hearing the one about the big white square.

Apparently back in the old days this guy was tasked to paint the rocks white outside the guardroom ( as you do)
While he was doing this he knocked the tin of paint over- seeing this huge mess the enterprising guy decided to paint a big white square right across the road thereby obscuring the mess.

many years later he returned to the barracks on a reunion and on passing through the gate saw freshly painted rocks and also a big freshly painted white square in the middle of the road.