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Never did any of that bayonet malarkey myself, looks like fun.


I done my bayonett training in basic recently. By far the biggest beasting we had during the full 14 weeks training...

Before it all we had to mark-time for hours, run 400 meters and back a million times then leopard crawl up a hil around and down if for roughly an hour.... Just to get us "angry" Should have seen some of the lads before the actual bayonett training, Being sick the lot..

The training itself was great fun... Just alot of running about stabbing things shouting "engarde" "KILL KILL KILL"
There was a lot of emphasis on the bayonet at Glencorse back in the day. What an appalling rifting those days were, but unbelievable fun.

We were always so much more mellow afterwards. Perhaps British Military Fitness could set up an Anger Management course?
smartascarrots said:
There was a lot of emphasis on the bayonet at Glencorse back in the day.
Just where i did mine...initially with an SLR and "sword" then several years later with an SA and "Pocket Knife".

I can remember some guys shaking with fear, we were so wound up by the time it was our turn. There was even the plastic bag full of pigs blood just to make it more "real".

Just imagine what it must have been like with muskets and 2 foot spikes on the end!!



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Siegfried Sassoon - first world war poet after receiving bayonet training.....

TO these I turn, in these I trust—
Brother Lead and Sister Steel.
To his blind power I make appeal,
I guard her beauty clean from rust.

He spins and burns and loves the air,
And splits a skull to win my praise;
But up the nobly marching days
She glitters naked, cold and fair.

Sweet Sister, grant your soldier this:
That in good fury he may feel
The body where he sets his heel
Quail from your downward darting kiss

Christ, the Jock seemed like someone out of Monty Python... Quality! :D
Reminds me of my old RE teacher from school I can just imagine hime witha bayonet on the pulpit, he nover liked me as I told him at the age of 13 that all he was teaching was poohey and you had to have a a screw lose to believe it


Sword training was pretty intense, I loved it. Glad I never had to shove it in anyone's face though.


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I remember writing to my mum

"These sandbags should be easy to outwit in a battle situation"

Private S Baldrick 1916

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