How to Wash a Grenade

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tomahawk6, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. very short video... but funny as hell!!!!

    good find buddy
  2. That looks fun! I want a go!
  3. Was that an Italian dishwasher, by any chance?

  4. If it was Italian, you at least couldn't say that it was moving at speed and refusing to stop :oops:
  5. But I bet you'd get twenty American soldiers swearing it was. :roll:
  6. I don't believe the dozy twonk WAITED before closing the lid! 8O
  7. Probably wanted ensure it was on the right programme? That has made me all nostalgic for the old days when you could do shit like that on the UK Training Estates and GET AWAY WITH IT SCOT-FREE! YEAH BABY!

    Oh, unless you maimed someone...
  8. reminds me of playing enemy [all 5 of us] to the Para Bn on exercise in the early '60s in the Middle East. We tamped the thunderflashes with PE for more oomph! Actually blew 2 Toms out of a foxhole on a night attack which made the hundreds of others very angry and spent the next 2 hours runnning like blazes into the desert to escape their wrath! Happy days...
  9. Anybody ever try Thunderflashes in a GS dustbin? Oh that was prime fun...also CS porte-fire into an air con system for an undercroft bar (well actually Undercroft Bar, Univ. College Durham) is a winner too. Especially when you have a very drunk, very portly UOTC TM giggling with you, that you just know will not make it on the E&E phase of the operation!!