How to turn a good camp to a bad one in two weeks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eye_spy, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. What is it with the Royal Signals and their sense of need to change everything around for the sake of changing things, making everyones life a misery in the process?

    I have just completed a 6 month tour with HQ 3 Cdo Bde and was unfortunate to spend a couple of weeks with the succeeding HQ; 12 Mech. What I witnessed was a relaxed and sensible camp regime change over the period of two weeks to a mindless, pointless and irritating and senseless collection of bull sh!t.

    This change can be attributed to one person from the new lot, who shall remain nameless, but anyone with any link to the HQ or has spent the last couple of weeks at their location will clearly know who this is.

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous regime, everyone was relaxed but professional and got the job done, and done well. The new lot, who were fortunate to spend a little time with the outgoing HQ are now facing the rest of their tour with this mindless bollox. I have never seen such demorilised troops at the start of an Op Tour, purely because of the insane miserable tw@t who insists on doing things his way, a draconian out of date way which would not be out of place in a Signals Regt circa 1955.

    I would be quite happy to put my pension on stones being painted blue and white soon.

    For those of you unfortunate to be spending the next 6 months under this tosspot, you have my utmost sympathy.

    Rant over

  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Thats R Signals for you. I spent 13 years in the glorious corps and still think some of them are a bunch of cnuts. I never managed to fathom why though, over and above some tosspots ego.
  3. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Why, has he dropped the compulsory naked rol mat fighting each Friday?? Has the meat raffle been cancelled?

    Of course the secret is to leave the smelly pongo side and come and join us (well our naked roll mat fighting friends at least). We are always keen to have new blood in the Corps and Naval service at large. And we pay more, have nicer duevts and if you ask nicely we also have cheaper cigs.
  4. Yeh, roll mat fighting has gone by the wayside. They have even had the audacity to stop naked commanders update! Where will it stop?

    As an aside, don't really wish to grass on my own, but the pongo thing has started to ring true since they turned up. Shaving with t-shirts on, not showering, instructions on how to wash hands. What is that all about. Its enough to make me want to move to the dark blue side.
  5. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Come to us, we are a broad church and take all comers.

    Come to us........


    Because you want to...
  6. What? Bulled up KF shirts, starched puttees, blancoed underpants and pressed creases in your respirator?
  7. What an extraordinarily sad post. I do hope things get changed.