How to troll a dating website...

Some of those had me in tears!
Ahhhhhh.... They just used you for your manfat and never called or wrote.

You keep trying, hun, fuck enough pigs and one of them will find you schpeshule...
Fuck me my shoulders were going like a jackhammer and I was doing a proper Mutley.

Batman thats quality.
That cheered me up no end,

And i thought the ARRSE gallery was awful..
I've had to stiffle my giggles into a pretend coughing fit here in work.
Very good. Especially the ones of the "ethnic" ladies.
I know you said focus on the sketches but I couldn't help noticing that chicks number 3 and 4 would definitly get it sober. The rest require varying degrees of dutch courage. and some heavy lift kit.
That even made me laugh.
very, very original. Trigger Happy TV of the internet...i assume the Pigs On Fire didn't like it...some of the comments on PH get a bit limp, citing degradation of those involved and already fragile self esteems...blah blah...
He has started doing ones of members of ARRSE,
Although I'm not sure who this is meant to be !

Ninja Slug.jpg
I'm sure that fat bird with the beard has posted her grid in the gallery!
nearly pished my kek's laughing, especially the one with the split arse strangling her dog.
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