How to tie the string at the back of the berett

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Haddock, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering how you tie the string wether its just in a normal bow or something more complicated.
  2. Stands by
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  3. Tie it in a know at right place, cut off the tassels and make a neat flat bow then stitch back on (believe it to be an old para thing)
  4. Just cut the string out. Job done.

  5. If you can get a proper bow then it is less likely that you will get picked up for it on inspection.Try to make two loops so the bow looks symetrical.

    Don't forget to singe the ends of the string so they don't fray.
  6. need to tie it behind anymore; you just loop the bits over and tie at the front thus forming a flat cap look that, apparently, is ally.
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  7. ....................Ask your PSI?
  8. What a bunch of poofs and cretins. I think they should disband the TA if this is what their "warriors" worry about.

    And people take the piss out of the RAF Regiment. Shocking.
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  9. Take out the black ribbon and replace it with white and then have the ends braided together so they dangle down about 2". The ack adj will go barmy at least once a month.
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  10. Given that the cretin cannot spell beret, it was not an auspicious start to the thread.
  11. Those black things on your feet, do you leave them undone as well?

    (If you ask nicely, Sargey-Wargey will show you how to tie them)
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  12. This must be a wind up if not FFS, and you wonder why you get called STAB.
  13. Easy Peasy, just get the Bn Sniper team to each take 5 rounds and fire them from 100m into the back of your beret whilst you are wearing it, the velocity of the rounds should twist the ribbon into a shape of some sort, not sure what though.
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  14. FFS, he will want to know how to tie his nappy next!!!!!!!