How to tell if your missus is unfaithful

By Sisho Magagula

CHIEF Executive Officer at the Mbabane Municipality Council Felix Matsebula has told the High Court that he found a used condom inside his first wife’s private parts.

In his answering affidavit, Matsebula alleges that the problems between himself and his first wife, Phumzile, began on the night of Sunday, December 8, 2007 when he attempted to get intimate with her.
“The true position is that we got intimate with the applicant (Phumzile) and as we cuddled, I discovered a used condom in her private parts, in her vagina to be precise. I then questioned her about same and she apologised to me saying she was tempted to commit adultery the previous day because she had been drunk and thought that I would not become aware of same, and I told her that I was going to discuss the matter with my family. I accordingly consulted with members of the Matsebula family and I was advised that as per the dictates of Swazi Law and Custom I should take her to her parental home, which was a way of initiating talks between the two families as provided for in terms of Swazi Law and Custom, and I obliged and took her to her parents,” says the city council boss.

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What a minger
Blimey. He nearly got a taste of someone else's medicine there! (shudders)

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