How to tame Russian Bear? Propose him honey pot.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 15, 2008.

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    Interesting rumours.

    By contrast Western approach to relations with Russia is too idealistic. It doesn't involve principles of market economy.
  2. You may have noticed many western leaders dont live in the real world
  3. So clearly as oil and gas customers we have no influence, and just exist to be bullied? Maybe if we bought some 'planes and rockets we'd be best mates with the bear.

    Or is there some other kind of agenda going on in Saudi? I'm sure the Saudis could afford to buy all the weapons they want from Russia and then leave them in the desert, so long as Moscow stops support for Tehran.
  4. Russia itself demonstrates knowledge of principles of market democracy. If you behave bad then you would not see economical carrots.

    I have heard (on TV) explanations made by Russuin businesmen. As petrol prises in Russia are more than $1 per liter then it is more profitable to process oil at home than to sell it to Czech republic (moreover that the pipeline needs repair works long ago).

    The Czeches are free to buy oil in Saudi Arabia and Czech's money would go to Russia as a payment for weapons. It is a triumph of market economy.
  5. Russian helicopters not as bad as some think. They are being used around the World. I suppose that it would be an excellent idea to buy Russian helicopters for RAF. Also Russian anti-aircraft systems are sophisticated. Advanced system S-300 is proposed for sale. By the way the whole Greek anti-aircraft complex is Russian (Soviet) made.

    Russian tanks are relatively inexpensive, reliable and able to stop Iranian invasion in Saudi Arabia.
  6. And relatively inexpensive to blow up! (case in point GW1 & 2 and every other nation that has had a pop at a russian tank)

    If you can rely on it breaking down

    Thats what happens if you blow them up or they break down

    Wow! Big claim there Sergey! However I think all the military hardware that UKPLC has sold to the Saudis is more than up to the job as is the fact that yanks would steam in pronto big time before you could say 'Russia's as fcuked as the rest of us'
  7. Bollocks.
    Are you telling us that Russia (Soviet Union) made:
    FIM-92A/C Stinger

    and that's without going onto AAA
  8. Inexpensive. Indeed, if one side has superiority in air then tanks of another side are defenceless, no matter how sophisticated they are. I asure you that any American (Israeli or any other) tank would be an easy target in this situation. So if such a democratic country as the USA would be so kind to liberate the Saudis then no matter what tanks the country has. As for other threats then there would be more than enough to have inexpensive Russian tanks. Agreed?

    Reliable. Indeed, Russian tanks maybe are not comfortable but very reliable. By the way new born democracy in Afghanistan prefers namely Russian made tanks as they are very easy to handle. The same is true about Kalashnikovs. What rifles is ANA using? Maybe M-16 or SA-80?

    Imaginary Iranian invasion. We live in a real World. Would the Iranians like to occupy Saudi Arabia (and other Gulf states as well)? Today it is not the case but in the future (in theory) it is possible. Moreover, our American friends constanly underline aggressive intentions of Iranian regime.

    By the way, a dozen or so inexpensive Russian tanks (along with helicopters) would be very helpfull for Brits in Afghanistan.
  9. I will have to side with KGB-res on this.

    Russian helicopters are the ultimate field machine.

    I have been with an aircraft that did not undergo any inspection either from the flight crew or maintenance. They just left it 'rotting' for two months

    When it came to the day the aircraft started first time. It literally pumped itself up from the ground, then flew off, much to our gathered surprise.

    On another trip a certain Asian Airforce/Army had all its Puma's grounded due to electrical/avionic problems. Only the Russian heli's were flying. The local 'techs' called the Euro machines "paper' for some unknown reason. We assumed 'cos when it rained they all got soggy and fell apart.

    I use Russia in the loose term, i.e. CIS etc....

    Good aircraft even though most of the crews are all drunks.

    All civvy and commercial work.
  10. They may not live in the real world, but unfortunately they live in this one. :(

  12. Sergey,

    2 points.

    Firstly about rifles. The reason that AK47 is provided to ANA is due to the fact that it is the simplest weapon to operate for poorly trained soldiers, and it is very cheap. Neither of these make it a great weapon or in any way better than the SA80 or M16 - both of which are of more use to trained soldiers. It is a good weapon for large numbers of conscript soldiers who can be sent over the top en masse and who are relatively expendable. If you would like most of your soldiers to come home after the firefight then I suspect that you would not equip them with the AK.

    Secondly. If Russia wishes to resume its place on the world stage as a world player then a little less petty economic bullying of its neighbours and a bit more helpful diplomacy or world action might do the trick. So instead of blocking things about Zimbabwe or sanctioning the assassination of people in London, how about sending some of this "world class" military kit to be used in places like Afghanistan? After all, no-one will benefit from Afghanistan being left to fester - certianly not Russia. At the moment Russia wants the privileges of being a P5 member without having to take any responsibility.

    Only a couple of observations and as always I stand by ready to hear why Russia is such a major power, which is just misunderstood.

  13. Yep. Fair one but I wasn't arguing against Russian whirley birds and I refer you to sergeys post and the point I was trying to raise.


    Have to disagree with this comment. The Afghan government prefers russian made tanks because they can't afford Leopard, Challenger II or any of the decent tanks that are out there. Given where most of the fighting is taking place and the fact that the russians had a torid time with their armour in afghan I would suggest that it is hardly classic 'tank country' and given that no-one in their right minds would want to invade afghan, it is pretty pointless the afghan government investing in state of the art hardware.

    Imagine away me ol' china. I like to imagine that Britain is a nice place to live, hardly the fcukin truth though is it? I think the imaginary backlash from the other islamic nations may deter the iranians but it's a nice thought imagining all the muslims going chicken oriental about shiah and suuni and who controls the bingo hall in the desert.
  14. I reckon its got to do with the numerous nukes they may still have?
  15. You are absolutely correct. Previously I thought that Greece has mainly Russian made air defence systems. It appears that the Greeks use different sources. However, long range system (the base of the Greek air defence) is Russian made S-300.

    As Greece some NATO countries (maybe even the UK) could buy Russian made air defence systems. Why not?

    As I remember, in 2001 Russia supplied anti-Taliban forces (namely Northern alliance) with weapons (including tanks) on $50 mln. And now Russia is ready to sell weapons to governments of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    But near to $300 mln. were spend to buy 'Albanian made' weapons that were in fact Chinese made ones delivered to Albania long ago.