how to spot the walt

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by gammaguy117, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. clearly came to the wrong place
  2. Hole
  3. wah shield up

    are they still serving?? if so get the army number off them they are plenty of pleople like me who can verify who they are

    Wah shield down
  4. Dear God, how much more?
  5. I can I have sauce on my chips please
  6. well here is the thing, im a cadet and they claim to be "them". i have had a conversation with him and he seems alright. he doesnt claim to be the 2nd man on the balcony or anything. also i was wondering if its possible for people to get a decent forgery of an sas card (if they exist)
  7. The Colombian government has made strenuous efforts in recent years to develop the country's economic infrastructure and to move away from a reliance of coffee and - unofficially - cocaine.
  8. Fcuk off and die
  9. Weg you cant you ggo to far! now, bull that fooking corset up and do one :)
  10. Cleveland steamer
  11. ...gonna be a long year
  12. As if I would post a wah that is so obvious. Not me this time.
  13. this is a wah - totalfucking wah
  14. if this is a wah then the cnut that started it needs to learn what a fukin wah is and all u cnuts callin it a wah need to learn too...ffs