how to spot the walt

well here is the thing, im a cadet and they claim to be "them". i have had a conversation with him and he seems alright. he doesnt claim to be the 2nd man on the balcony or anything. also i was wondering if its possible for people to get a decent forgery of an sas card (if they exist)
The Colombian government has made strenuous efforts in recent years to develop the country's economic infrastructure and to move away from a reliance of coffee and - unofficially - cocaine.
cheggarsRE said:
if this is a wah then the cnut that started it needs to learn what a fukin wah is and all u cnuts callin it a wah need to learn too...ffs
An ARRSE wah is different to an RE wah. I was so cr@p at them I must have kept 35 in Herforder for a year...

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