Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cynical-Subbie, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. 1. He is reading 'Combat & Survival'
  2. He is dressed in para smock and fully badged up, but weighs in at 25 stone.
  3. 2) knows the range characteristics of every gatt this side of an aquebus ... but has never fired any in anger (or indeed ever!)
  4. That could be someone in the RLC. :D

    (about the smock obviously)
  5. 3. He is in the RLC!
  6. Demmit, you were faster. :D

    Mmm.. I know another one: after public hours, in the beertent, wears extra-special-parade-thingamibob uniform with rows of rows of dangly bits pinned to his chest and chats up ladies behaving as if he had really earned/really were the chap he attempts to portray.
  7. Taps the side of his nose when you ask him what mob he was in and what did he do, and mutters "national security" or some such phrase.
  8. Carries a knife on his webbing straps (handle downwards).
  9. Belongs to an ex-mil Land Rover club and goes to Land Rover meets in non-standard rig with stable belts and cap-badges that don't match, para wings on OG shirts, and a 9mm pistol strapped to his leg and mutters to his mates smoething about "having seen a bit, you know?" (like the nutter at the LR meet at Billing Aqadrome that was gobbing off in front of the guys from the Army Rally Team last weekend).
  10. Refers to the "Sandpit", which in reality is at his local park....

    Buys any item off Ebay with "SAS" in the title....
  11. Says he was the first one into princess gate, or says he was the one who got tangled in the abseil rope!
  12. I've heard quite a few claims by blokes who claimed to have been kicked out for "smacking an officer". This is usually interpreted as a) failing CDT, b) SNLR during training c) booted out after repeated AWOL.

    Anyone else met the type?
  13. no i got "184 days soldier on"@ the Motor Cycle Training College for smacking officer :wink:
  14. logs onto ARRSE with username CODENAME or LAWSTUDENT.
  15. When they tell you which platoon or company they were in whilst serving with 21, 22 or 23! ;)