How to shoot yourself in the foot

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ex_ex, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. story here

    video here
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: What a penis, 'clearing a weapon without taking the mag off'. He is lucky he only shot himself.
  3. Why didn't he shout "contact front" You never know, he might have got away with it!!

    Allowing a loaded weapon into a classroom is madness. There's no need. At worst have blanks to illustrate little mistakes :p
  4. The film's been out a long time, but is none the less shocking because of that.

    The amazing thing is he f###ed up he weapon handling, he put a room full of school kids in danger of their lives and he's the one who reckons he's being wrong done by. He claims people take the pi##. No? Really? He claims he can't go under cover any more. Would you send someone so incompetent on undercover operations? Unless of course you don't want him comming back,

    What does he want a medal? He's lucky he's still got a job.
  5. On the other hand, those schoolchildren will never, ever, muck up their weapons drills....
  6. Good recovery by him, he carried on with his lesson plan and used his F*** up to emphasise a point. still a prat though.
  7. Why does a Junior Golf Association need to know about gun safety in the first place? Are they being armed against mad gophers a la Caddyshack?..This a Dogface moment??
  8. Someone I knew shot a them selves in the foot with a air rifle, wasnt that bad. But a good listen to kids, dont shoot yourself in the foot.
  9. Rocketeer, the blame for this lies fairly and squarely at your feet. :cry:
  10. "At the foot to your front, go on!"

    I saw that the last time it was posted on ARRSE. Cnut.

    Perhaps if guns weren't such a large part of US society then kids at golf clubs wouldn't need to be instructed in weapon handling?
    I know it's their 'right' and all that, but is it really worth it?
  11. I shot myself in the foot once...
    as i remember it wasn't long after giving Mrs JB68 a right good seeing too, as we parted and rolled over to our sides of the bed, she murmed sleepily "g'nite JB68" to which i replied
    "G'nite gorgeous"
    She knew in an instant I didn't mean her and was obviously refering to the floozy of a barmaid I had been dribbling over most of the night.

    Of course I was exceedingly drunk!
  12. Why was the DEA agent still standing?...I am not referring to the injury to his foot...I mean because if I was one of those parents in the audience I believe I might have been just a little upset that some chopper just fired off a live round near my kids.

    He deserves all he gets...and more...dang fool!