How to Separate the Boys from the Girls

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, May 30, 2005.

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  1. Seems its all in the job..

    The Sunday Times of London reported that a study done by the London School of Economics published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology claims that the sex of your kid may depend on what you do for a living. [ and I don't mean working in a uranium mine makes for kids with ' extra 'bits ]..
    Lead researcher, Satoshi Kanawaza reports statistical findings thusly:

    Those who have careers in ' caring ' such as nursing or teaching are more likely to have girls, people who go in for ' professions ' such as accountancy or engineering have a greater chance of boys.

    They surveyed 3000 people from various employment areas.. In general it is a given that there are 105 boys produced for every 100 girls but if broken down by jobs engineers and other 'systemizers ' [ which is linked to ' male ' characteristics - based on how jobs are ' traditionally ' viewed ] the ratio is 140 boys for every 100 girls.. among ' empathizers' groups [ i.e. nurses, teachers, etc. ] the ratio is 135 girls for every 100 guys ...

    No statistics on ratio of male/female among the military [ that would be interesting as a archetype ' male' employment ] or what they classify the whelps produced by the likes of MDN, Corp and Ctauch [ probably too small a ' sample' and therefore insignificant even counting the illegitimate messes they've left behind in far flung ports and oases ]
  2. Sounds rather like the "birth month fallacy" to me.

    Got a link to the figures?
  3. Stoat:

    just quoting ' press release' from Sunday Times put out over the wireservice..
    no doubt there is a full aricle on their pages somewhere and the London School of Economics must have a copy of the ' learned paper' available for detailed perusal..

    ' looking to change jobs and increase your chances are you? '
  4. [ and I don't mean working in a uranium mine makes for kids with ' extra 'bits ]..

    hey, my dad worked in said mine and I'm alright...............look at me>>>>>>>>>>>
  5. point one. who cares???

    point two.It is only luck, if you ask me there is no link what so ever between the gender of a child and anything else, as it is just the luck of the draw for both the male and female.
  6. oh yes just remembered

    Point three. If it did have a link do you think there would be any famles in Saudi?