How to search the web for historic photos?

When in need always ask ARRSE, one never knows what to expect in reply!

In the 1970s the Hornchurch Bus Station was torn down to make way for houses and with it a symbol of my childhood was sadly removed. Thinking about it always reminds me of On The Buses - "I'll 'ave you Butler if it's the last thing I do".....

Anyway, does anyone know of how to use the internet search facilities to better effect than just Google etc.? Or have a link to archives?

Thankyou in advance kind people.


Mr Happy

Well a quick stab in the dark says google images. Its more picture results than text results and if you can recognise your answer you'll be away. I tried "Hornchurch Bus Station" and Honchurch +"Bus Station" and got FA (except this thread!) but when I tried Hornchurch "Bus Station" (note without the +) we got a lot of interesting photo's, if any of them are relevent I do not know."Bus+Station"&aq=f&oq=

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