How To Say "Death To America" in Arabic

How To Say "Death To America" in Arabic

Al mout li Amreeka- Death to America!
Al mout li Ingiltra- Death to England!
Al mout li Tony Blair- Death to Tony Blair!

i cant seem to find an arabic translation for "Moderate progress within the bounds of the law."

How To Say "Death To America" in Farsi

Marg-bar Amreeka!- Death to America!
Marg-bar Inglistan!- Death to England!
Marg-bar Tony Blair!- Death to Tony Blair!

next week and I’ll tell you the Farsi for "I am disillusioned with Tony Blair and am thinking of voting for the Liberal Democrats."

coff coff

Thanks for that useful lesson DR S! I'll be sure to try them out whilst using my bucket and spade in the sand in the near future!!!!


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Good to see us jocks are not the subject of such hatred!

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