How to save on water Bills in the Bathroom

One way to save on water bills when using water in the bathroom...

Try this little jinge....

"If it is yellow, let it mellow....... yuck
If it is brown, flush it down....... of course...!"

When having a bath, bathe with all your clothes on, you can wash them and yourself at the same time.

Repeat with all members of the household. Make sure Mum and Dad wash first, then the kids. Let grandpaw and grandmaw go last, as they are old, and could be incontinent. There is nothing glamerous about dodging floating jobbies or wee stained water whilst your bathing, and getting ready for thet romantic evening out with Pals down the Pub.

Use the old bathwater to wash the dishes with not forgeting to filter out those jobbies, then bucket the ramains to wash the car, or water the garden.

Job Jobbed!!
I can do better.

Get takeaways, shit in the neighbour's garden and use shower-in-a-can instead of bathing.
Bathe with a friend, this leads to saving water and can lead to other fun, depending on friend and your sexuality.

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