How to rustle up work.

Hi all,

I'm just looking for a few tips or any experiences on trying to find new sources of work.

I've recently set myself up as a freelance Building Surveyor and I've signed up to a couple of companies who will send me work in my local area. It seems to be going fine but it's a bit quiet at the moment.
I’ve joined LinkedIn, which has got me a couple of links but nothing definite so far.

I've ordered a set of business cards from Vistaprint, and when they arrive, I’m thinking of contacting local estate agents, property management companies, solicitors etc with a view of meeting them so that I can talk through what I can do and leave my business cards etc.
I’m also thinking of advertising in local free papers, Tesco bulletin boards, that kind of thing. I’m only been doing this for a couple of months, so my budget for advertising is not very big at the moment.
I’m wondering if any of you chaps have set up on your own, and how you found work.
Any tips or advice gratefully received.
Building Surveying! well you picked a great time to join the profession, if you can make it work now then I would imagine you will do well when the market picks up.

I may be able to offer some assistance / guidance, drop me a PM and I will see if I can be of assistance.
On the business card front why don't you get some proper (not free vistaprint ones with their logo all over them) ones made, i think you need to look as professional as you can in the current climate, get yourself a website etc. Advertising, and good advertising is worth its weight in gold and is tax deductible too.

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