How To Run Your Own Country

An internal communication received today to advertise this very interesting programme on telly tonight.

I might add at this point that this is an abridged version of the advert.

Tonight at 2200 hours on BBC2, there is the first of the 4-part series, How To Run Your Own Country in which Maj Gen Andrew Graham DG ATR will discuss with presenter Danny Wallace elements of the role of the Armed Forces within society... the series will target people in the 18 to 35 age group, who are very much “turned-off” by apolitical governance and current affairs.

The decision to collaborate was taken because it gave us the opportunity to articulate how the UK armed forces are part of society and make an immense contribution to the society that they serve; at the same time, the quality of training was being demonstrated by filming with a backdrop of RSA Phase 2 recruits working hard, under good instructors, on their gun-drills at Larkhill. By asking Gen Graham to discuss, the audience will see a young, senior officer who comes across as intelligent, personable, humorous and with recent operational experience whilst assisting in the reconstruction of Iraq. The alternative would have been for the producers to approach a retired officer who may have lacked dynamism and with whom the audience could develop no affinity.
A very entertaining senior officer indeed, his pedigree is distinguished - one of his grandfathers was awarded the VC. This should be worth coming home early from the pub for.
or getting the bar staff to put it on

My source deserves shooting - last night's episode was 'How To Start Your Own Country', clearly running it comes later. Nothing like having your finger on the pulse, eh?
For cripes sake, don't let's start any more countries until we can work out how to run the ones we've already got...

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