How to run a game without using a CD/DVD drive?

Probably a dumbo question, but I'm a bit fick with these things....

Q: When a game requires the original CD/DVD in the drive to be able to run, is there a method/utility for getting around this and running the game from the PC only?

I tried the obvious of copying the whole game CD to a folder on the PC, and then trying to install it and run it from there, but no joy - at least on the couple of games I tried.

The games are legit copies, but I've acquired a DVD drive-less laptop as a new toy (an Asus 901 XP - fine bit of kit, by the way..) and would quite like to have one or two games on board for whiling away time on long flights. Don't really want to carry around an external DVD drive, as that rather defeats the point of an ultraportable.
Depends on the game, some have 'cracks' that alllow you do do this.

Caveat emptor

Most 'cracks' come with a 'Trojan'............................Don't say you haven't been warned.

There again, most gamers feel the same way you do. Trawl the forums ref you game and you may get lucky.
Thanks, I'll see whats out there. Some of these games have completely dead forums..... I think I'm the only remaining user!
Look for a program called Alcohol 120% or Slysoft's Virtual Clone Drive. These let you create a "virtual" CD/DVD Drive. You can then load CD/DVD Image files and play them like actual discs. Alcohol or Slysoft's Game Jackel Pro will let you create game image files from the original discs that you can store on your laptop. CloneDVD will let you create image (.iso) files of DVDs too.

Probably all terribly illegal but v handy when away on det; I copy my game discs and DVDs for when I go away rather than carry all the discs.
The term you want is NO-CD . Google that with the game name.
Go here - it's a site that has lots of no-cd/fixed .exe files specifically for games - go into Europe Mirror (any number, then enter). This site is perfectly safe, I've been using it for years and never had a problem. There might be some adverts that are NSFW but I've never encountered porn there unlike similar sites.

Simply find the game you have on that site (check the version you have and make sure you download the correlating file), download the file, locate the original .exe file in the game folders, rename that file (I usually just add "-original" to the file name because you will need the original if patching the game to the latest version), then copy and past the "no cd/fixed .exe" file into that folder. You can then either run the game from that file or create a desktop short cut from it.

You may also want a virtual drive program as said above. The best one I've found is called Daemon Tools. Bear in mind that alot of games now have built in software that will not allow you to play the game from a virtual drive (but there are other files such as .mds, .mdf which can be downloaded and mounting these using the virtual drive software will get around that issue). Usually a no-cd /fixed .exe file is enough.

It's perfectly legal to replace the .exe files with a no-cd/fixed .exe file as long as you own the original game. It's downloading and installing pirated software that is illegal.
On a similar note to Fatal_Bert do a search for Daemon Tools on Google. Burn an ISO image of the original CD / DVD in question and load that via the virtual drive. Hey presto.

Edited cause I'm a mong and Daemon Tools has already been mentioned! Duh!

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