How to run a fast BPFA (no drugs!!)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DeadShag, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. What's do we reckon is faster:

    a. Run like fcuk at the start, slow towards the end, collapse over line and puke on CSM's toecaps,


    b. Start slowly, overtake all the biffs, "using you elbows" and dip for the line?
  2. Depend on the course really I usually start of at a medium pace overtake the slower guys and then run like hell for the last few hundred metres.
  3. Why bother slowing down at the end??? Thought you wanted to run a fast BPFA!

  4. Wrong forum perhaps fella?

    Try the health and fitness forum ( where i'm sure this has been covered )
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    If in doubt, start fast, pick the speed up and finish with a sprint.
  6. As it's individual best effort EVERYONE should "collapse over line and puke on CSM's toecaps"

    I know I always do! :wink:
  7. Unless your CSM come in infront of you then "STANDBY"

  8. So is a BPFA the same as a BFT then? And do you still do them in boots these days? I've been out too long.
    When I was in training, you had to do a CFT with a 432 your bergan and straight afterwards you had to take on the QMSI in a knife fight.
  9. Luxury!

    We had to fill our boots with lead insoles, carry a fully laden aircraft carrier in a soaking wet large pack, then when finished had to fight three tigers with a blunt spoon, and wrestle the QMSI who was 'chuck norris' to the death only then did you pass your BFT
  10. Large pack? You wimps. We had to stuff a Centurion tank into a small pack (no straps allowed), wear divers boots and run backwards whilst wearing S6 and full 3 romeo. Then when you got over the line you had to chew your way through a pack of maruading wildebeest using issued teeth only, then take on QMSI Bruce Lee in hand to hand and if you managed to walk away after 3 minutes then you got a pass for that month.
  11. Well, fella. That was just to get through sutton coldfield, once you were in basic you had to piggy back a WRAC around the CFT course and give her 'O to completion' at the end. And this was no ordinary WRAC, this was one of the uber lesbotic tank transporter drivers from Rheindahlen. The kind of woman that would even look ropey in the Beruit pads quarters of Detmold. And you thought you had it bad!!!
  12. Rigger, that must be just the way of life in the homosexual Royal Signals.

    My post was just what the recruiting Sgt at the ACIO had us doing. At sutton coldfield I had to do knees to the chest with a Deisel Submarine in my arms and a helmet with a divison of Gaurds marking time on its lid.

    We had three Roman centurions flogging our naked backs and flicking trike on the wounds

    This was just in the queue for the cookhouse (where we had to eat galvanised roofing nails, no custard)

    I gobbed off (well asked if i could go to the toilet) and had both my legs hacked off at the knees by a Ghurka WO2........ and I still had a show parade showing bulled boots and positive attitude
  13. We had to row the English Channel and fire arrows at a bunch of guys wearing short skirts.
  14. You are such a lucky lot. We're not allowed to do such things in the Light Blue. It would be unsightly and coarse to break into a sweat in such a way. Not really needed on the poolside patio either.
  15. Fastest APFA i ever did was when the CSM wedged a sirloin steak in my arrse cheeks and then set a 75Kg Rottweiler off in high speed pursuit of me.........

    My army daps melted and i looked like a tramp when i came in over the line, projectile vomitting over the PTI stood at the end with his stopwatch.

    10.28.........10.29...........10.30..............10.31 he bellowed as the Rottweiler gained on me.

    When i passed the line, he told me my real time..... 8.16 cnut

    The Rottweiler came in 8.21........ Close call