How to rob blind ex service personnel

As a volunteer caseworker for a leading charity helping ex service personnel, I have just come across a company supplying mobility equipment which has seemingly sunk to the very lowest levels of morality.

One of my clients ex National Service, leaves hospital aged 75 in a frail and less than able condition. He needs an electric scooter and somehow is contacted by a mobility company in Derbyshire. They proceed to sign him up for a £2500 deal which means he pays 25% of his total income for 3 years. His only income is his State Pension. Fortunately I was able to cancel the deal, get his deposit back ( with difficulty) and organise one via the RBL.
Yesterday I called to see a 91 year old ex ATS client who had bought a lifting bathchair from the same Derbyshire company last year. She is small, frail, dicky on her feet and about 75% blind in one eye and 50% in the other. Yet again she was called by the company and was encouraged to have a visit the following day. Salesman calls, shows her his catalogue and convinces her that she needs a £1800 piece of kit.

He fills out an order form and one of her cheques ( because she cannot see) which she signs and the kit is delivered the next day, unpacked and placed in her bath ---no attempt to explain how it works etc. She uses it the following day, finds it very difficult to get in and impossible to get out, so she is stuck in the bath for 4 hours before someone finds her. She then finds out that she is so frail she is unable to take the battery out to recharge.
The company has refused to refund or replace with a more suitable piece of kit -- however what is really immoral is that I now find that she has paid £1800 for equipment which can be purchased anywhere else for £450 !!!!!!!!!!!.
Neither the CAB , Trading Standards or anyone else can help but can anyone on ARRSE help this 91 year old 'old soldier' obtain some satisfaction and redress ?
Bit of vigilante justice needed me things, be hard for them to sell anything if their warehouse was to suddenly and mysteriously go up in flames.
I think this company should be named and shamed.

Any chances of a prosecution against them?.
I am a rehab officer for people with visual impairment.

1. The firm legally have to provide a copy of the terms and conditions in a medium suitable to a person's disabilities (Braille, tape, CD or large print), or,

2. read the agreement to them and then both parties have to sign it. It wont stand up in court at all, if the company have done that as in reality, you need an independent source to be present to confirm it, and I know, as I did this last week in an entirely different case.

1. Throw the Sale of Goods Act at them, or the Disability Discrimination Act because they have probably broken one or both of them.
2. Contact and leave a message for Jo, their legal expert. Jo is an ex-lawyer turned rehab worker and tutor

3. or pm me and I will see what I can dig up

I am just about to do my Welfare Officers course with a nameless ex-service and I have already come across this 2 or 3 times last year.
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