How to Resign your Commission?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Stonk Rigid, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Probably a thread on here somewhere but just wondering what the process is for resigning your commission and leaving the TA.

    Any tips?
  2. I suppose the best bet would be to go and discuss your resigning with your CO first...........via the Adjutant, if you have one ? Chief Clerks are also useful for this kind of missive but, be aware, as soon as the CO gets wind of it, you'll be summoned anyway.
  3. Voluntary Resignation

    4.167. Resignation at any time. An officer may apply to resign his commission at any time, or to retire under para 4.165. Such applications are not normally to be accepted when a Call-Out Order under Sections 52 or 54 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 is in force and the powers of Section 17(4) RFA 96 have been invoked, or when the officer is called out for service with the Regular Army or when disciplinary proceedings are awaited or are taking place.

    TA Regs Chapter 4 Part 9
  4. Stonk Rigid!!!

    Long time no hear!! Hows tricks? Had enough with the old TA lark eh? Dont blame ya...!

    I'd suggest you speak with your PSAO and your OC. You should probably write a letter to your CO explaining your reasons.

  5. Turn up with all issued kit (in a binbag), stroll in, call everyone you meet a cnut, punch the SSM/CSM and tell your OC to stuff your commission up his ARRSE...

    Or yeah, you could write a letter as theflyinghandbag says...

  6. Speak to the Adjutant in the first instance and let him know that you're handing your kit in.

    It shouldn't be a surprise to him, as presumably you've already spoken to your OC? Unless of course you are the OC?

    Adjutant should arrange an interview with the CO to discuss why you want to leave, and gives him the chance to give you the options open to you as alternates, such as Sponsored Reserve, or a Staff job.

    Treat it like an exit interview. It's your opportunity to get your views across, and your reasons for leaving might help the CO spot a trend that he can do something about.

    As for the actual mechanics, check TA Regs for the paragraph that best suits, and quote it as the header in your letter to the CO. Adjutant gives that to your PSAO and the process starts.
  7. The only proper way is to use the mess webley, preferably at a regimental dinner.
  8. Do what I did when I resigned my Commission: write a letter to the CO telling him exactly why you are quitting. Be open and honest: what can he do if he doesn't like what he reads? Bugger all is the answer. This letter then starts the ball rolling and things pretty much progress in a natural chain.
  9. Don't waste money on the letter and stamp, just arrange to be taking the chief clerk roughly from behind across the CO's desk when he walks in on monday morning. You will definitely be leaving then...
  10. Cuddles, that's your solution to everything.
  11. So true, now if you would excuse me I need both hands free to extract a picture of the CO from QMSI Higgins jacksie...
  12. Not a bad idea, but I'd include what I like to call the Hendrix Gambit. You pile all your kit, commission and letter of resignation in the middle of the office floor, kneel down in front of it and ceremonially burn it, much like Jimi Hendrix (ex-101st Airborne Div) famously did to his guitar at the Monterey Festival.


    It might help if you're dressed like him to.

  13. Hendrix got himself kicked out of the US Army by claiming he was gay... that method no longer available tou you of course...
  14. You could always sh1t on the CO's desk, leaving him a note and never turn up again!
  15. You'd get CDT'ed:)