How to rent out an apartment in Turkey

Someone I know has an apartment in Alanya, in Turkey. It is fully furnished and is fitted out nicely, as well as being in a pleasent place - I've been there. He would like to hopefully try to rent it out....perhaps to students going to study out there, or to a similar group.

However, he doesn't know how to do this, what companies deal with this sort of thing, how would he advertise, how would payment be sorted out. So he came to me, unfortunately I haven't got a clue either.

Can anyone advise, help, or point in the right direction...?


The only suggestion I can make is to find a reputable letting agent in the area, be very careful and get references from existing clients. The reasoning being that they will arrange cleaning between lets, deduct any damage costs etc. These people usually charge around 10% of the rental fee and look after everything, also it gives the owner peace of mind as the property is being inspected on a regular basis. Trying to operate such a business remotely is very difficult as one does not know if any problems have occurred also contracting cleaners etc will be more costly than using contact cleaners through an agent.
The best way to rent out an apartment in turkey is to consult with the best property agents in turkey which will easily rent out your apartment. Because these agents have the best knowledge of whom needed any apartments there...!!!
This may be excellent advice! If someone can work out what it says, can they let me know.

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