How to relaunch Lickle Chef?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BoomShackerLacker, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Another business that could be tip top if it re-worked itself?

    Suggestions please...

    Extra grease anyone?

    My first point... is service - getting the attention of the spotty underpaid undervalued Vicky Pollards... 'yeah, smoking or non-smoking mate?"
  2. Not charging 9 quid for an all day breakfast? That might be a start!! Little Thief have got away with it for too long. I think generally when people are on the road they want something quick and easy, i dont necessarily mean a KFC or BK, but to buy something reasonably priced and enjoy a decent cup of coffee before setting off again. Being held to ransom by Little Thief doesn't cut the mustard any more, time for someone else to get the gig in my opinion.
  3. How can you mention Kenfucky Tried Chicken and Bugger King in one mouthful? Shame on you.
  4. Get Hooters to take over?

    Now that would make driving more fun!
  5. That's nothing, a 12 year old called me 'Bruv' in McDonalds yesterday.

    As to Little Chef, if the food was actually cooked on the premises surely it would be better (I was once told I couldn't have a fried egg with my breakfast as none had been on the latest delivery).

    My Daughter has a toy fried egg in a playset that is more realistic than ones served up in Little Chef.
  6. Does anyone remember Happy Eaters?
  7. They should bin all the factory-prepared junk food and franchise the branches to those ladies who run the HGV cafes... monster breakfasts for a few quid.
  8. I generally go to weatherspoons, can't beat the meals for VFM
  9. As a former slop, where little chef went wrong in my opinion
    is that they don't have any 'drive thru' facilities.

    Price is not a problem. You are on the M6 you are going somewhere
    in a hurry so time is the essence not money. If you have no other
    competition on the side of a motorway you can charge what you want
    for a bacon and egg barmcake.

    So little chef need to introduce 'drive thru' takeaway facilities with
    food like burgers, barms with breakfast items and of course be competitive with prices and little chef will start making a profit.

    People are not going to drive 100mph down the M6 and look at little
    chef and say 'oh hey, lets go in and have a bite to eat and sit
    down and eat for an hour'

    In america fine. Distances between civilisations means that Little chef
    in its present format can work over there but not here.
  10. Are you sure :? I thought they invented the drive thru...even the flintstones had one :wink: :lol:
  11. you may have a point there dazzer, after all Little Chef was an idea brought back from USA to UK by its founder, it may have worked for a bit , slower times less rush etc being in the 60s, 70s when Americania was cool, , society has changed, lifestyle standards have risen and more foreign travel with changed expectations as a result, the competition has tapped into that.
  12. After a long drive, I prefer to be anywhere but the car for a good 30 minutes while I eat & use the facilities.

    What did it for me was price & the toilets ; I want to poo somewhere that dosen't smell of poo, if I did, I'd go to France.
  13. Growing up the thing which sticks to my mind with little chef is the pancakes with cherries and ice cream, as good as an egg banjo.
  14. I reckon little chef falls between two markets unfortunatley!

    since theyre pretty much all on A roads they miss the motorway service centre traffic, they could have signed up a deal with one of the big motorway service providers (as maccy D and KFC have) to provide their 24 hour sit down meals service, which is at the moment reknowned as expensive and poor quality, LC as a premium and trusted brand name could have done well here.

    the rest of the A road traffic has been replaced with urban fringe & shopping centre eateries, very "kid friendly" which we didnt have when LC and Happy Eater were sucessful.

    I think that LC could have done well in a city centre "proper american diner" stylee - but by sitting still and watching the flourishing market in McD and similar, plus the branded family/pub meals market with brewers fayre etc. they have let their customer base, quite literally, drive past them.

    I think they could save themselves by going down the american diner route, but would have to do it properly, and sell themselves as a "destination" rather than a travelling through facility.

  15. Oh my god, yes, one of the greatest foods ever invented!