How to reintegrate into UK life

I've had a posting order to the UK for the last 4 months its only just hit me that in the last decade i've spent less than 3 months in Britain. Most of the last decade i've been in Germany how am i gonna cope with the UK paying tax not having block parties on the weekend not getting random trains to random European cities on pay weekends. Please help this time next month ill have to drink Carling and have to remember that i don't need to wait to the red line to fill my bike up, but it will empty my wallet?
You're screwed mate, I had a UK posting after 10 years in the fatherland and hated it, but at least I had the chance for a posting back to BFG, whereas you've got little chance of that if it's all coming back to the UK.
Get ready for a culture shock, sky high prices, empty barracks at weekends and a drop in your standard of living. All as you predict
There is no easy way to break this, but you are going to struggle financially and socially if you don't have mates in your home town JT0475 has nailed it. The only saving grace 'could' be where you are going town, not unit obviously.

Took me a few years to realise when I got out, now I have moved to sunnier climes with no tax issues!

Good Luck!
One thing i noticed was how rude and absolutely fucking ignorant the English have become. Our culture has been watered down so much that everyone now acts like our closely located European neighbours. Rude, arrogant, dirty scumbags. Even the streets are broken and filthy, the parks are just shooting galleries for junkies and are laced with rubbish, junky paraphenalia and dog shite. When you try and do anything about it, you get no support and people look at you like you're a loon. The country's skint so don't expect much, some try and make it better but the majority just fuck you off and rubbish it all. Its an absolute travesty. Ecstatic that we moved out of England again! 4 years till emigration
If you want to integrate properly you will have to put a shed load of weight on wear manky sports gear walking round tesco(because there is little choice of anywhere else to shop in many places) eating, with your equally overweight rude and badly behaved kids, then drive back to your overpriced house on congested roads, hoping you dont have an accident which would bring you into contact with the n.h.s. where the a and e dept looks like tesco again. short description of the U.K. asbo. tesco .dipso fatso. Try and stay in Bfg for as long as you can mate.
Oh, and yes, those are pyjamas being worn to Tesco with matching Uggs, which is a classy thing to see over here.

God, wish I didn't have to worry about the wrinklies and put the kids through Uni, I'd emigrate in a flash.

Oh, Naafi, so Tits!
Oh yes indeedy!

Whilst I live in a part of the city which is OK, where I work is a right dump! Though I would plan on being farther afield than say, Wigan

Back on thread though, I've been back to Germany with the missus a couple of times (Berlin and Munich to be precise), and she thinks it's great too, lifestyle, cleanliness etc., and, like most places, realises there are bad bits as well, but in the UK they just seem to be more 'in your face' and accepted.

Still, after 12 years (nearly 13) out in CivDiv, I guess I am getting used to the place now

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