How To Rape This Puppy (ref MDN going soft)

MDN has come up up with the idea and wants to "rape this puppy all year long".

A Gerbil is not just for Christmas.

Point 1. Must get organised so donations become "Gift Aid" and thus get an extra twenty-something percent on-top from "Capt Darling".

Point 2. As he says, this is a short "flash to bang" action fund to "do it now" where it is needed. There are other funds but they can be slow to provide.

Point 3. As he says. Journos can stay out. This is private.

Point 4. (My idea ) How about a trickle into the pot ? A standing order for a couple of quid every month - you would never notice it - but that trickle would provide over 12 months by a thousand arssers a serious wodge.

Point 5. (See point 1) and it would get something back from Cyclops and Capt Darling to do what they should be doing.

Point 6. Proper organisation would prevent MDN from being tempted to corner the European market in gerbils.

Comment ?

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