How to put on weight



joey_deacons_lad said:
Domino's pizza and copious amounts of lager will do the trick it worked for me anyway
it han't worked for me...still a skinny fk :D
younghopeful said:
Not really. a cutting workout program called resistance training, a toning workout, utilises 30-40 reps in any particular exercise so in that respect a bulking rep range of 8-12 is low.
Thats more for calorie expenditure (you're doing more work). Different thing to trying to put on weight.

8-12 within a powerlifting mentality is pretty high.
m.furo said:
That's why I say use the weight gainer rather than just protein shake as the extra calories (a good weight gainer gives a good protein/carb/fat balance) are the more important bit for me rather than just taking extra protein. I can't consume the balanced calories I need without them.
Fair enough.

When you say you can't without them, I assume you mean in regards to time to prepare the food and/or cost, which can mount up with good food.


Sounds like good advice, is there any particular brand of shake that you fellers recommend? I know that when I tried creatine before there was an increase in gas production :oops: .....would the weight gain shakes be the same I wonder?


there are loads out there. i use metrx size up because it has complex carbs protein and creatine all in one. but there are thousands of weight gain shakes out there. any reputable brand will do the trick. but its worth knowing that without a varied and balanced diet combined with A LOT of hard work from the gym, weight gain shakes wont do jack!


If you want to turn into a fat bastard just eat more food, but,whatever you do, you can't change your metabolism, and, as you age, it becomes harder to put on muscle. sorry mate :cry:
Stick a cork up your ARRSE . . . .

Three Squares a day should be good enough, it has been for many years, so what is now so different, PAYD?


Can't you go to the cookhouse and stuff your face any more? what a ******* shame! this pay as you go crap will ruin things . Anyone remember turning up for brunch ? still pissed? yes! fuckin great! we moaned about food and accomodation charges back then,during the week ,the cooks were good lads , fill your boots . substandard accommodation yes, guard box.yes! take the prisoners to the cookhouse for breakfast ? yes , i apologise for talking out of my arse, the cookhouse was the back bone of our battallion , god help you lot now I am paying as you get pissed . Goodnight.


guiness and pies


guiness and pies

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