How to put on weight

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kingfisher, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi folks,
    Has anyone got some advice on how to put on weight/bulk up a bit? I'm your classic Peter Crouch type lanky lad, as skinny as a bamboo chute despite eating like a pig and doing weights....
    Am I just wasting my time or what? And no, I'm not giving the steroids a shot before anyone suggests it...
  2. Bloody hell, where do I begin? :D
  3. Pies, chips, donner burgers, Maccy d's, beer (lots) etc etc
  4. just eat shit loads of food m8 more than will come.
  5. More reps with the fork
  6. For men

    1. Leave Army
    2. Stop playing sport
    3. Get married

    For women omit 1/2
  7. Eat more frequently that your average three meals a day if you aren't able to have 5-6 meals a day coz of work and stuff then have a meal replacement drink (complan from boots is cheap enough) there is no point packing you body full of protein because contrary to popular belief eating loads of protein doesn't make you grow muscle, protein is used by the body for tissue repair and growth, there is no way you are going to be doing enough weights to create enough micro tears in the muscles to require consuming the protein equivalent of a small cow. An effective way to create good mucle rapidly is by doing exenteric loading. An example of this is if you your one rep max on a bicep curl is 40kg take it down to 30kg do the curl at normal speed then release slowly it over ten seconds back to the starting point, repeat it until you can do no more. You will build muscle better by doing a few good reps as heavy as you can manage than you would by doing lots and lots of reps at a low weight.
  8. Simply put, you need to eat more calories than your body burns up.

    Or, join the TA and you will gain mega stones overnight. I've yet to see a thin STAB or one with a well shaped beret.
  9. do you smoke? i quit smoking (as i start cic in april) and naturaly began eating alot more...not that i did'nt eat like lisa riley anyway. i just tried to change what i ate to somethings abit healthier and stuck to ma training and quickly piled on a fair few pounds yet stopped maself from getting fat by sticking to ma training routine!

    another example like yours is an old mate from school was probably worse than told crouch hes been hitting the gym for quite some time now and all the lads used to take the piss... doubt they would now hes massive and he doesnt touch the roids or protein drinks etc just watches his diet and trains hard

    good luck with it all anyways
  10. Your best to sit down and work out what you eat on average during the day over the course of a week and work out how many calories you are consuming. Then work out how many calories you need to maintain weight, and how many more to put on a steady 1-2lbs a week.
    I got a personal trainer friend to work out mine exactly, but there are plenty of internet sites that can work it out close enough to be of use. Most skinny people think they eat a lot (myself included until recently) but when they work it there consuming nowhere near enough if they have an active lifestyle.
    I am 6' and weighed 10 stone exactly when I changed my diet. I do some sort of physical activity 5 times a week and was eating 4 meals a day plus snacks but when I worked it out I was only eating about 2400 calories a day which is enough for an average man to maintain weight, but not enough for the amount of activity I do, let alone enough extra to put on weight.
    I now eat 5 times a day, roughly 500 calories a meal, and take 3 weight gain shakes (not protein shakes) at 500 calories each for a total of 4000 calories a day. I am gaining about 2 lbs a week doing this (steady gain making sure its not just excess fat I'm adding.) I use the weight gain shakes simply because I can't eat enough calories without them as I get too full.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Come spend a week with me, you will soon put loads of pounds on!
  12. Wouldn't this be better posted on the US forums :)
  13. Pies.
  14. Like most of the posts above have said, it is simply a case of eating more calories than you expel. i have the same problem as i was 6ft tall and 150 pounds but im now 165.. and it has taken about 3-4 months but with christmas food was in abundance and it worked in my favor. Eat complex carbs, and lots of protein ( fish and chicken) dont eat large meals and stuff yourself but rather maintain a full stomach by eating medium and often. you should never feel hungry. drink lots of water about 2-4 litres a day. Take a high calorie weight gain supplement. Whey protein and complex carbs are the best and if you look on the net they are not particularly expensive. with regards to training, i recomend you keep your workout to within 1-1.5 hrs max. i only workout 1 hr a day and every other day but its high intensity and every rep is a struggle. the gains come outside the gym not when your cranking out ur 12th rep in bad form. stay away from middle and high rep ranges. 10-12 max. do compound exercises because it works more than 1 muscle group at a time. use free weights (dumbell and barbells) . Dont make the mistake of biting off more than you can chew. use a weight that ur comfortable with but challenges you to the last rep you need. limit cardio to either 1hr per week or none at all for the first month as your metabolism will burn up all the food you need for building muscle. most importantly if ur trying to gain weight its mostly about the diet. eat eat and eat.
  15. A Very Costly solution would be getting those "healthy shakes" from argos
    most people drink/eat them before exercise ,after exercise, it becomes muscle....but
    if you eat the shakes and do no exervcise, you should just put on weight.

    or a cheaper solution, visit your local kebab man, and order your 5 donar kebab a day :)