How to prepare for the 1.5Mile (2.4KM) Run at ADSC..

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bibb09, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi, Like the title above says.

    i would love some people to reply and give some information on how to fully prepare for the 1.5Mile Run (Obviously' you're going to have to go out running but you know.. facts & Figures people)

    Soo, Yeah. Just please Reply saying how you think i should Prepare to do well in the 1.5M Run :D

    - Thanks
    ~ Bibb
  2. If you look in the Training Wing (there where you posted this thread) you'll see a thread called 1.5 Mile Run (just underneath yours) which has, at present, 168 posts. I'm just guessing, but perhaps you'll find some useful info there.
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  5. You could do what I do, which is not do any training for 2 months. Do 3 sessions of regimental PT, 2 of them being sports and then run a 9 minute PFT anyway, but then maybe that is just me who can do that.
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