How to prepare for my interview

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by lucky_number_ten, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Just received my letter inviting me to an interview on the 16th of November. Apparently the interview lasts 2 hours!
    This is my first face to face contact with my ACO, so was hoping it would be more informal, like when you do your barb test etc for soldier entry.
    Anyone got any advice on what I should do to prepare?
    The other half thinks I should put together some sort of portfolio or presentation to make myself look wonderful, good idea?
  2. Go well turned out, in suit, polished shoes, clean shaven.

    Don't waffle, don't bullshit, don't be afraid of saying "I don't know". They don't expect you to know everything about the British Army. I'm not sure if they ask about current affairs, but it's worth reading the papers for a few weeks prior.

    Be genuine, and you'll be ok.

    They're bound to ask "tell me about yourself" so think of things to talk about. Hobbies, sports, anything that paints you in a positive light. Team sports, achievements etc
  3. The fact you are asking advice is a positive. Remember... it IS a job interview, be smart, clean and respectful. If you cant afford a suit then at least have polished shoes, clean trousers, a shirt with a collar and a tie. Borrow one if you are skint. What matters is the fact you are making an effort.

    The interviwer is NOT there to trip you up, there are no trick questions. You are being assessed for your suitability as a soldier not a politician so be honest and self confident without being cocky.

    While the interview is not a formality, providing you are an ok guy then you should have no problems as the army needs good people.

    Good luck!
  4. My initial interview with the ACO was over a year and a half ago now but still I presume the same layout will be used.

    -As mentioned above, suit up.
    -There are some current affair questions (not many but still worth knowing what is going on in the world)
    -Mental arithmetic questions
    -Why you want to be in the army? then why as an officer?
    -Why the British Army would want you as an officer? Along the lines of what can you bring...
    -What 3 regiments/corps interest you?

    The ACO is a very nice and helpful person, with whom you will be in regular contact with; up until either entering RMAS or getting a sponsorship from a regiment or corps.

    The initial interview is primarily just to see if you are suitable to attend AOSB Briefing. Turn up 20 minutes before your interview at least, wear smart clothes, be polite and just show him/her you want to be an officer.

  5. Debatable....
  6. Thanks for all the help :)
  7. I guess I was being rather narrow minded when saying that but for the most part the ACA is a very nice and helpful person. Depends if your lucky or not I guess.
  8. Or if you're female, how low-cut your top is? :p
  9. I would say that a low cut top would possibly cause a negative response from the ACA; but if you fancy wearing the aforementioned "low cut top" don't hesitate to ask for a bit of extra help from one OCS sometime. ;P

    I have never heard of an ACA being unhelpful or unkind, but I guess I have only met a select few; either way once you start going on POC visits you will, if your lucky, be awarded a sponsorship from a regiment/corp and have a brand new shiny ACA.

  10. Hehe, yes, one must always look professional.

    Is a POC visit the same as a fam visit? What's the sponsorship for? Sorry...I'm obviously clueless!
  11. What are your 3 choices? You mentioned the BARB for soldier, is it soldier you are going for? How well do you know your 3 choices?
  12. I wouldn't know about POC as I'm going the soldier route, but I'm guessing it means Potential Officer Course???
  13. No, I was going to go the soldier route but they told me I could go for officer with my A-levels so I've changed over. My first choice is Army Air Corps Officer and 2nd is Intelligence Commander, haven't decided on a third. I don't think I'll have to know as much about my choices and what training's involved for each one, etc, for this interview as when I did my 2nd interview for solider recruitment.
  14. Part of the interview will be for the ACA to advise you on the roles available, and arrange fam visits to those you are interested in. Just make sure you've got a broad overview of what the Army does. It doesn't have to be in minute detail, just make sure you know a bit about the organisation you would like to join.
  15. So it's not your first face to face interview??