How to prepare for AOSB


This question is asked continuously on this forum so I thought I'd help by starting a dedicated topic...

I passed AOSB last summer so whilst things are still reasonably fresh in my head I’ll throw a few pointers out there.

Before brief and especially before main board:

1. Get out running
2. Do press-ups and sit-ups until you can bang out 60+ in 2mins (as most people probably do that at mb due to the DS discounting some, or most in my case, for 'poor technique'.
3. Set your internet homepage as BBC news and keep a brief eye on it for any juicy stories, not just military based.
4. Watch the news as you get ready for work/uni/school/pub
5. Buy a few copies of 'The week' and read them on the train to Westbury so it’s all fresh in your mind.
6. Have a look over a few planning ex's
7. Bloody well enjoy the experience, BE YOURSELF, do everything with a smile and be on time to your interviews!!

Don't kick the arse out of it as truth is, no one can be prepared for mb. They aren't looking for right answers (funnily enough). They are looking for potential.....the finished product on passing out of Sandhurst.

Oh and the best advice is don't read arrse forums.....all they do is frighten you, it’s not that bad!!!

Good luck and drink lots and lots of wine on dinner night then show the DS how good your balance is on the closing race! :wink:
R.McClaw said:
Have you met this guy?
Perhaps you two could meet up and chat about how great you both are and how you've both so easily breezed through AOSB.
Hahaha yeah I've read that, personally I believe a trip to Indonesia and 2 months of surfing would go down a treat.

I'm not saying it's a breeze at all, quite the opposite!!! All i'm saying is that most of these arrse forums regarding AOSB blow the whole thing out of proportion. However im also not saying don't prepare!!!!

I personally thought I'd done badly due to a complete gangf**k of plan ex. My aim with this topic is to try and help people getting ready for AOSB. I've seen a lot of people running round lke blue arsed flies for weeks and weeks before, reading through forums to try and find out as much as possible regarding the process but done nothing but scare them, which is the last thing people need as there is plenty of time to be scared in Westbury.......which usually starts when the train pulls up to the train station and the sign comes into view hahaha.

Ofcourse everyone has their own experiences at AOSB, this is just mine and the advice I would give if asked.

Like I've said previously, good luck to anyone going and enjoy it.
but there's already a sticky at the top of the page which covers nearly every possible AOSB related drama, and any which aren't are no doubt covered in the rest of the threads. Oh well.
some people are far too quick to shoot others down on this forum ... thanks for the advice mate, appriciated! and after going through the briefing i'd say it's good advice as well.

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