How to Post Anonymously in ARRSEPedia

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abacus, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. This is an offer PURELY for RECRUITING & RETENTION - other stuff for ARRSEPedia you are on your own ;)

    A few more letters have landed in my pm inbox:

    Couple of points to note:

    1. Values & Standards. If I thought ARRSE was a bad thing I wouldn’t be on it, full stop. And I try to ensure that I remain Establishment friendly and ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to our combined Services in all my activities in here so continue to attract queries across the rank spectrum. On that basis I believe your concerns are unfounded but I acknowledge that they are concerns so happy to assist. However, if anyone junior or senior thinks they can request anonymity because they have been posting negative stuff in the main forums about their own Regt or the TA in general and don’t now wish to be identified then they can get lost – they are not good people and I don’t want to be tarnished by association.

    2. I do recognise that there are still some back-stabbers out there who would seek to cause mischief – particularly amongst the Regs on site – no matter how obviously positive a poster is. As I am aware that we have a number of regular Reg posters ranked at 1 star level and a significant number of both Reg and TA Officers who are regular posters and are rank full Cols then I am more than happy to assist. Please feel free to send me as much info as you can and I will make sure it gets the widest possible audience.

    Absolutely. Click on the pm button at the bottom of this post and send it on.

    For all contributions, I remain “little people” so am happy to carry the flag provided the posts you ask me to make are demonstrably for the benefit of the Service and accept that my name on the page = my editorial control.

    A further caveat is that anything I put on remains subject to overall approval by the MODs and the COs and they would instantly land on anything liable to bring either the Site, the Army or the Reserve Forces into disrepute.

    For those of you who want just to crack on and post your own stuff:

    Once you’ve found ARRSEPedia itself HERE, you can find guides on how to create your own pages and/or edit existing pages HERE

    One final point, please don’t use this forum for questions on ARRSEPedia, please use the official ARRSE ARRSEPedia Forum.