How to pass the Hazard Perception Test

Two weeks ago I got the catastrophic score of 25 / 75 on this test

Today I got 67 / 75 - 45 is a pass and 57 / 75 is a pass for potential driving instructors so at 67 it means I understand the game (see below)

So, this is what you need to know to get the test out of the way

i. If you're an experienced driver or especially biker then understand that this is not about your excellent hazard perception skills. This test is a computer game and nothing more. As a test of your future driving safety it is utterly worthless. Be prepared to be frustrated if you fail to understand this point.

ii. You NEED a DVD. I got 3. The ONLY one which explains it how it is is GSPs All in One Driving Test. It's excellent at saying what you need to do to not fail and includes 10 clips from the DSA themselves (which show just how shite the feckin' test is but that's for another time...)

iii. You CAN click on EVERY potential hazard. HOWEVER when you see the one that's REAL then DO click again after 1 and then AGAIN 1 second later. This way you will NOT click early (which is what experienced drivers and bikers do) and fail nor will you get that bloody "innapropriate" zero rating. Once you know this, it is easy.

Sorted. :D

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