How to offend people in their own language..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JonnoJonno, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Using the collective genius of arrsers in the naafi I imagine we could compile a useful list of insults to cover us in almost any corner of the globe; thus ensuring that our reputation as diplomatic autists is preserved.

    Having succesfully insulted most areas of british culture to the point where we can only talk about curtains and puppies in the Naafi, it occurs to me that foreigners are as yet untouched by our vitriol (yanks excluded because they're homos).

    This is in itself discriminatory, and I won't stand for it. My humble offering to kick things off (It got me punched in Sibenik in 1996 and as I learned later it insulted Islam more than I could have imagined):
    'Jebem ti kruh'-'I fck your bread'

    Carry on..........
  2. I am offended, not all Americans are "homos," only 98% of them are.
  3. The other 2% are so fat, there sexual persuasion has never been discovered.
  4. Kus emek YaIbnSharmuta! works a treat in sand places
  5. So fat that their sexual organs have never been seen even by themselves
  6. Post deleted, because it was childish and added nothing to the thread. :oops:
  7. there is 1 phrase i know in Arabic (except the bleedin' obvious) and that is Kos Omak roughly translated it means "your mothers pussy" and is the arabic equivilent of Mother-fucker (although we wouldn't use that word in the UK it doesn't matter that much!)

    My other half lived in Stavanger for the first 12 years of her life and i've been called a "kuk skalle" (dickhead) more than once (and more besides but i can't spell anything else, i never learnt the language)
  8. Jebem ti pichku tu materna. (sp?) SerboCroat ( I feck your mother's cnt.)
    Donne moi un pipe (pncd "pip"), 'ti tapette. Quebec joual ( slang) (Blow me you little f@ggot)

    BTW, just how is breadfcking an insult to islam? I can see how it might make the camel jealous, but.
  9. Yank: "What part of England do you come from?"

    Me: "Wales. What part of Canada are you from?"
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whilst most Brits use the school boy French 'enculé' as an insult it is not what most people think it means.

    Enculé actually is 'Bugger Off', but is a bit harsher in French than in English, being more like 'Up your arse'

    To really get the Frogs going you need to use 'Va te faire foutre' meaning 'Go and fuck yourself', or rather more amusingly, 'Va foutre ta mère' or 'Va niquer ta mère' (Go and fuck your mother)

    Hand gestures are also quite successful (maybe expand the thread to include these as well),

    From the UD:

    That's actually the quick version. The full 'Bras' involves cupping the right elbow in the left palm, and then rotating the right forearm behind the left to end up in the position above!

    Further research in annoying the old enemy can be found here;

    The French, they don't like it up 'em!
  11. Bad 20th century for them then...
  12. Irish- pog mo thoin (pogue muh ho-in)
    english- kiss me arse!
    a fun one rather than an insult
  13. It's actually "testa di cazzo", mucker. In Calabria, generally, it's: "toesch de coerss". Never underestimate dialects, flipper.


    PS. The double-z is a difficult one in Wop. It's pronounced a bit like "d" and "z" at the same time, but a bit softer, if that makes any sense.
  14. 'Jebem ti mamu' (fck your mum) works quite well in Serbo Croat

    'Tu veux un baffe connasse?' French for 'You want slap slag?'. That was taught to me, by an arrsehole mate of mine, as a gently seductive chat up line. Said softly and with meaning it scared the shite out of the poor lass in the cafe. 8O
  15. speaking of old enemies "Leck mich am Arsch" i shalln't(i refuse to spell it "Sha'n't") translate.