How to obtain my prize !!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by glasgowchamp, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. How do i get my prize i took a screen shot as proof lol.

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  2. omfg, unclean unclean!
  3. thats shockin and want my real prize ! like it says al leave that sort of stuff for you m8 :lol: as u sound as if u hav had it done 2 u already and want paybak on everyone !
  4. I see your Mum has tightened up recently there Flash. Has she not been getting much action?
  5. 8O Mental note to self - never click on links like this at work without first checking to see the URL is not going to get me prosecuted/sacked/etc...
  6. Me too.
  7. Just tried to add my proof and managed to put 3 copies of the same picture on there - mong at controls here!!!
  8. When will i ever learn,I tell myself NEVER to click on one of his links!!

    What happens?I just cant resist.I now feel sick 8O
  9. Looks like she's lubed up with the old compo sausage lard???
  10. My eyes...

    My goddamn eyes...

    Thankgod that wasn't at work.
  11. Either that blokes got gigantic hands or the poor lass is actually a 12 year old girl, coming from you i bet its the latter :twisted:
  12. I'll have you know the Vicar was having tea and scones with the lady wife and myself when i opened that, He was'nt best pleased I can tell you.
  13. That very nearly made my eyes bleed... can i return my prize please?
  14. Is that your watch I can see in there Flash?