How to obtain my prize !!

thats shockin and want my real prize ! like it says al leave that sort of stuff for you m8 :lol: as u sound as if u hav had it done 2 u already and want paybak on everyone !
When will i ever learn,I tell myself NEVER to click on one of his links!!

What happens?I just cant resist.I now feel sick 8O
My eyes...

My goddamn eyes...

Thankgod that wasn't at work.
I'll have you know the Vicar was having tea and scones with the lady wife and myself when i opened that, He was'nt best pleased I can tell you.
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Yes. And it was still in its presentation box.
Since when did casio calculator watches come in presentation boxes....
She knocked you back, pindick...... I think she called you

Although I think you should be stripped of your shoulder flash you 'mum-shag-walt'

You scoff at Jan the Tran wearing badges and medals its not entitled to then award your self a tag, Idi Amin style and claim to have done something you haven't
I must be strange, It looks a little tight for my liking.....Get the whole foot in there then maybe

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