How to manage passwords when on holiday

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by naguere, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. I have changed all my passwords to my Army number for ease of .. well you get the idea.

    my Kindle will be my friend and it is no good having : RWct5+1h=0BI5LQ

    and trying to type it in that, or on French keyboard for that matter (or trying to remember it)

    When I posted 'How to have a strong password':

    Strong Password Generator

    One poster gave it some.

    It really annoyed me, where are you now you cunt.... advise me.

    how 'Strong' is your Army number as a password?
  2. You need to add some letters and a mix of capitals and lower case.

    In my case my army number is in Roman numerals, so is virtually uncrackable. Ave!
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  3. Fukinel! How old ARE you?
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  4. Well, not THAT old (relatively speaking) and me cock is still about 17, although the seminal fluid capacity has increased over the years. Thanks for asking.
  5. So....having all my passwords set to "password" isn't recommended?
  6. It most certainly is. What is your bank account number, branch code and bank name?
  7. You mean XVII?
  8. I've given you my password! You do the rest of the leg-work you idle fucker.
  9. Done! I've just paid 179 million gold sovs into your bank account from Nigeria. You wont forget that yours is only a 40% share?
  10. Bless you my son, you will be a Cardinal one day and will number among the greats.
  11. 17mm isn't that much to be proud of you know.

  12. Yes and I've just removed 179 million gold sovs and a few coppers from it(if I'd known you were so skint,I'd have left the coppers)
  13. Well it pleases me!
  14. Ah yes, little things please little minds ;-)
  15. Obviously by your posts. ;-)