How to lose friends and alienate people.

Discussion in 'US' started by smartarse, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. It's beneath my contempt to grace the clip with any comment other than to say that fox news has the same credibility as the national enquirer.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, sounds like the Canadians have got the right idea to me - "Tell you what, you retarted neighbours of ours in the south, it's your mess, you made it, you fcuking clear it up, bye, see you laters dumbass!"
  3. Just another Dumb yank with a big mouth. At the end of the day the Canadians troops are very well respected among the allies and have nothing to be ashamed of. Fox is a network run by idiots for idiots and this dude whoever he is obviously doesnt read any of the reports coming out of Afghan. This i believe was also broadcast on the same day as the Canadians lost 4 men in Kandahar.
  4. absolutely agree
  5. So the 'Coalition of the Willing' was 'Willing to be demeaned and patronised by people who think having an opinion is the same as it being a worthwhile one'?

    Thank fcuk not all yanks are like that. Pity the ones that are get to vote.
  6. The programme is supposed to be satirical and controversial. Is what they said about the Canadians any worse than some of the digs at the American troops on here?
  7. Yes,but we are British and have the God given right to verbally abuse the septics.
  8. Maybe, but the people "on here" aren't being paid a lot of money to broadcast this shit into millions of homes.
  9. well lets look at the stats

    American Blue on Blue on British targets on Ops = 65465435413513351

    American Blue on Blue on Canadian targets on Ops= 3541351351351

    British Blue on Blue on American targets on Ops = 0

    Canadian Blue on Blue on American targets on Ops = 0

    Erm speaks for itself really
  10. Fox news-proprietor,the tax dodging arrse-licking Rupert Murdoch,has no credibility and should be treated as such.

    The Murdoch empire backing for bliar and new Labour in Britain should also be taken note of.

    Do NOT support any Murdcoch product.
  11. It doesn't really qualify as satire, unless you're watching it specifically to laugh at how stupid the presenters are. Who the hell was resppnsible for hiring them anyway?
  12. Hard to know who to dislike most- the little fat cnut with his eyes half closed by the flaps of fat encroaching on them? Or the flamboyant homosexual cockholster with the fashionably loosely tied tie?

    I'd invite them to draw one set of combats, webbing and rifle from stores and try a tour with the Canadian army, see if they think they're so f**king witty and 'right on' then.

    This kind of behaviour creates ill feeling towards Americans, many of whom (most, in fact) are descent people and good, professional soldiers. With this kind of behaviour is it any surprise that USA is often seen as Canada's idiot brother?

  13. Yank humour. Stale as Maddy's last sandwich. Oops, I'll get back to the NAAFI... 8O