How to loose a TA PTI

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. I've heard this has happened on the firts termediate course:

    Some failed a (basic) physical test, this means that they have LOST their BASIC qualification and so they are NOT PTI ANYMORE.

    Potentially soldiers trying to advance themselves can leave units unable to pass MATTs.

    Yes the PTI should have passed the test but ......
  2. Same if not worse for CMT's. New course supposed to be opening soon to requalify us, at the moment we are in a sort of suspended state. Dear old army.

  3. msr

    msr LE


    This is being addressed at 42 Bde by the Bde QMSI running a series of MATT Phys days throughout this and next trg year, so that we can attempt the PFT* and pass the CFT*.

    *which are the minimum standards and may, or may not, reflect your CO's point of view and may be varied due to your warned-offness for Operational deployment (does this keep everyone happy?)
  4. msr, have you posted on this subject before because I can't believe an attempt at betterment leaves you less qualified than before?

    Cardinal, please expand someone who has failed a medical exam is different to someone who failed to say pass a more rigorous physical exam - who probably remains safe via health and safety rules.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    If he has failed a 'basic' test then he isn't going to make a great PTI - or am I missing something here?

  6. Don't know the entire reasons for the fail (and wouldn't go into them in detail if I did).

    She/He was a PTI but now they are not a PTI because she/he tried to go a stage further in their career.
  7. BUT nothing, picture the scene "this man is about to operate on you but he failed the basic surgery course", come off it, if you don't have someone qualified then its not hard to draft one in from a nearby unit is it.

    Or are you afraid someone from an outside unit might fail more of the unit?
  8. Do not understand the comparison, the guy knows how to do a warm down/up, how the body reacts to phys but because he failed to do xyz push ups, sit ups, he's now not a PTI?

    Sorry I don't think I made this clear on the other posts
  9. To be a PTI whether it be TA or Regular you need to be phsically fit, what posses a bloke to go on a PTI Intermediate knowing full well of the aspects of the course and not being prepared. It sounds like me he failed it on stupidity.
  10. Did they attend and fail the course or fail the initial PFT test on the first day of the course? either way it seems a bit shite to strip them of the qualification entirely, surely they should of just remained at the PTI Basic level of qualification.
  11. Have to say I hear Polar's pain here. Who does the least amount of Phys on a PT session? The PTI standing in the middle! ("Around my beautiful body 10 laps, GO!")

    I agree that PTIs should be physically fit, nay the fittest individuals in the unit. They should be able to pass all tests and exercises they expect others to do, this is all part of the principle of instructors being competent to do before they can teach.

    However, surely it is more important to have someone who can competently run the required tests, efficiently administer them, give advice and support to weaker individuals and organise interesting and varied training rather than some muscle bound body beautiful who can run 4 minute miles but has difficulty stringing 3 word together?

    If you have someone who goes on an advancement course, having previously shown themselves to be competent to pas the basic course, who fails a fitness test on entry RTU him. Give him a clear and simple indication of the level to which he should raise his fitness before re attending, but strip him of his basic qualification? No I disagree.
  12. Gave the game up there mate :thumleft:
  13. The point i think people are to make is that how can a PTI test and evaluate soldiers to a standard if he himself cant maintain that BPFA press ups if he cant meet the standard how can he possible test it or indeed conduct a BCFT if he cant drag his arrse round it. I know prob doesnt help but im sure if you are struggling to get PTI your nearest regular unit QMSI if he is worth his salt will assist. Or give me a ring and ill gladly come down and beast some stabs....... :thumright: LOL

    I am currently a Reg in TA and between the rest of the PSIs we manage it.
  14. No sure if this is correct, I believe they need to retake the physical and if passes some board they then become an Intermediate PTI (I believe they passed the course but not the phys side).

    I believe the PFT type tests not CFT.
  15. How can he be an intermediate PTI if his fitness isn't even up to Basic standard?