How to leave the army at any point.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woda66, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering u guys might be thinking that you have to serve at least 28 days or before 12 weeks of training, it's bull crap. i got this from someone with experience and who has actually done it too. to start things off one guy 1 day before starting basic training said he does not want to leave his daughter and does not want to go either, well its easy GO. You do a medical on arrival and say to the doctor you have pain in leg or something stupid, and he will automatically discharge you and you are free again. that's all load of bollox were they say you have to serve 28 days. or

    Another one when you have completed your basic training course they again do another full medical and for example fail your eye test or fail your hearing test (on purpose for example say you cant see the words or dont say you can hear the beebs when the doctors asks you, imagine you cannot hear) and then they will discharge you too.because of blindness or deafness

    But you have all the skills and drill's and no need to worry about the minimum service is 4 years because it aint,fail any of the medical's and your out SIMPLE.
    medical's are done randomly every year. so you can be out quicker when you like. somebody and people have done this in the past and it does work!
    i"m going to start, get all the drill's and training and leave maybe just before afghan or iraq. because they will do another medical by then anyway.

    Thanks need to be harsh as this is true and not a lie,i just want people to understand you are not joining the army for a fixed peroid of 4 years
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    Are you for real?!
  4. Army too tough for mummy's little soldier? Got a chip on the shoulder now because you couldn't cut it? Didn't like the nasty Cpl who shouted at you for being jack?
  5. Its works my friend's
  6. What a bloody idiot you really are! Why bother joining!
  7. some people like me just need the drills and skills needed. thats all
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  9. You should be done for desertion (if you do this) you little penis.
  10. they can be handy, in future,
  11. Why bothering joining in the first place if your gonna be a waste of rations ??

    Word fail me as to how pathetic that first post of yours sounds WODA66
  12. Why on earth would they need the 'drills' and skills needed? What exactly are they going to use them for?

    If you want qualifications - go to college, they pay these day!
  13. army don't like unfit for medical reason's so how am i the deseration
  14. Conspiracy to commit fraud.
  15. O2 tag for the tough guy who can't hack it?