How to launch a submarine without getting it wet.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. It doesn't matter. It's sure to stop Osama Bin Laden and eliminate the global terror threat.

    Money well spent in my opinion.
  2. It did get wet - she broke a bottle of beer against it.
  3. It's a good job your opinion counts for fcuk all then, doesn't it?
    Strategic assets do play their part but by their very nature, you're never going to hear about it in the news.

    Frenchperson, can you please fcuk off and die of AIDS please?
  4. Bloody waste of beer though!!!!

    But she got a nice little Puppy out of it that has now been donnated to the Guide Dogs for the Blind
  5. Arsehead.
  6. Cannot thinkof a better way to spend 3.4 billion pounds of the taxpayers money, excellent value imho
  7. Better than spending it on Pool Tables for shirking firemen eh?

    Get back in your box Commie.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Whoopie doo, another British sub on the books!!

    I'm all for fancy new bits of gucci kit and it matters not whether they are submarines, carriers, fighters, radio sets, satellites, rifles, machine guns, APC's, anti-mortar, new frontal armour for tanks or even socks.

    New kit means more kit, means better kit (most of the time) means gummint putting money where it should - the defence/offense capability for the nation.

    Now, what about those HSE approved tosserdoss-chairs, can we have some of those too please?
  9. I really dont get your hatred for fireman, they do a job that is often very unpleasant,dirty and dangerous, thet get paid about the uk average (which i wouldnt like to have to live on) and they carry out a very vital role and no doubt save hundreds of lives a year ,if your going to slag of a group of people i can think of more worthy candidates,finally what leads to think i am a commie? because i stated i cannot see the problem with someone playing pool during a slack period of a shift ? anyway talking of shirkers this is really going to piss you off, last night i was on shift, all our aircraft were back in by 2230, no tech problems, all routine maintenance compleated by 0100, shift leader traps me off at 0200, in bobe beds by 0300 paid till 0700, 12 hrs at 29 quid per hr, not bad eh?. Having said that some shifts your balls out all shift due to tech problems, swings and roundabouts mate, same for the fireman
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Firemen working hard for a good wage in poor conditions - loverrly! No problem with that.

    Firemen going on strike with the attendant risk of people dying in unattended fires; the over-stretched, poorly funded and poorly equipped British Army having to take on the role as if it was wartime; same soldiers AND police getting verbal abuse from a bunch of tw@ts standing around can-fires when they do said tw@ts jobs of saving lives - disgusting, offensive and wrong.

    Striking in essential services where lives depend on those services is disgusting, offensive and wrong. The commie firefighters and their stalinist talking shop didn't give a fcuk about people dying when they stopped the service.

    What is the matter with your mental functions?
  11. I don't have a problem with firemen. I have a problem with you. You seem to think that coming on here and giving it the big one about how much money you make is going to endear you. Your attitude about "getting out and experiencing real life" is boring and condecending.

    And before you bump back, I am out and I earn more than 29 quid an hour, but don't rub other peoples nose in it.

    So, lets just drop it with the money fixation.
  12. When your house is on fire, you run away from it.

    Firemen run towards it.

    Nuff said. Heroes to a man (and woman). But back on thread, I hope no trawlers find they're doing 70 knots backwards all of a sudden. It's been very difficult to get the MOD to cough up in the past.
  13. Unless they are standing around a hobo stove keeping themselves warm, the only fire they ran towards during the strike was when the prats set alight their own station!!!!

    Hmm, good rip off of the description used by a survivor of 9/11. Who said the same/similar of the NYFD who were running up the stairs of the towers as they were going down.

    Didn't the NYFD lads have a bit of problem with the FBU striking? I think they said it wasn't on. Can't find a link but I think they did say that.

    But, other than that good post..... NOT.
  14. I'm sure I just read this thread in the NAFFI...

    BTW, this thread turned from a discussion about a new Submarine and addition to the UK's nuclear deterrent into a slagfest over firemen in 8 posts - is that a record?